Letters to the Editor, Nov. 20

Thankful to a neighbor in Stuyvesant Town

Giving thanks came early last week at Associated thanks to Pat, the lady behind me on line, who insisted on paying my grocery bill when the cashier informed me I had only three cents left in my food stamp account.

It was November 12, my usual day to start receiving food stamps for the month, and I had only a small change purse with me that had nowhere near enough to cover the bill.

What I didn’t know was that the federal government wasn’t working on Veterans Day so all those who usually get their allotment on the 11th had to wait til the next day and those on the 12th still another day. Don’t know how long it takes for everyone to get back on schedule.

This most generous woman lives in Stuyvesant Town but refused to give me her last name so we could eventually pay her back. She’s somewhere in the SW quadrant near Playground 7, maybe 455 or 453 East 14th St. And we can’t thank her enough!

Name withheld, ST

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Police Watch: Traffic agent hit by car, ‘dine and ditch’ at 40/40 Club

Police arrested 41-year-old Joshua Bright in front of 394 East 25th Street for a public administration felony and leaving the scene of an accident last Tuesday at 9:43 a.m. Bright was making a right turn from the FDR driving south onto East 23rd Street going west.
Bright allegedly made the turn from the far left lane where there is right turn only lane provided. The traffic agent directing pedestrian traffic had to shove a pedestrian out of the way to avoid being hit and the guard instructed Bright to stop and allow pedestrians to cross. Bright then allegedly drove into the traffic agent causing an injury to his right leg and knee and fled the scene. The traffic agent followed Bright to East 25th Street where he was arrested.

Police arrested 57-year-old Richard Trott for petit larceny in front of the Walgreens at 298 First Avenue last Monday at 12:35 a.m. Trott allegedly swiped 15 Oral B toothbrushes after hiding them inside his shirt.

Police arrested a 21-year-old man for robbery and weapons possession inside the 13th Precinct last Tuesday at 10 a.m. The suspect allegedly tried to mug someone in front of 234 East 25th Street on an earlier date when he also hit the victim over the head with an imitation pistol. UPDATE, June 2019: This case has since been sealed.

Police arrested four teenagers for allegedly swiping a credit card from a counter at Starbucks. It was last Monday at 10:06 p.m. at the Starbucks at 393 Third Avenue between 27th and 28th Streets when the teens spotted the credit card and grabbed it, police said. However, the card was recovered at the scene.
The teens are residents of the ACS facility and are students at the Urban Assembly High School of Music and Art and Fannie Lou Hamer High School. One of the teens was also charged with impersonation because she gave a false date of birth. Their names are being withheld by Town & Village due to their age.

Police arrested a teenager for grand larceny in front of 23 West 18th Street last Monday at 3:59 p.m. The teen was riding a Citi Bike that didn’t belong to him and told the officer at the scene, “I found it.” Citi Bike confirmed that the boy did not have a membership with the program and the value of the bike is $1,200. The teen is a student at the Business of Sports School. His name is being withheld due to his age.

Twenty-one-year-old Monica Gooding was arrested for theft of services last Saturday at 4:13 a.m. in front of the 40/40 Club at 6 West 25th Street. Gooding ordered food and drinks from the club and when the server approached her with the bill, she allegedly had no means to pay it. Gooding allegedly owed $70.77.

Police arrested 21-year-old Richard Hsu and 20-year-old Cindy Pi for reckless endangerment in front of 346 East 15th Street last Sunday at 4:48 p.m. Hsu and Pi allegedly threw a glass candle out of a second floor apartment window at the victim. The glass shattered in a common area near the victim and Hsu and Pi allegedly admitted that they threw the candle out of the window.

Police arrested 35-year-old Muazzam Butt at the corner of Lexington Avenue and East 27th Street for petit larceny. Butt allegedly accepted a delivery to his business but then wouldn’t pay the delivery driver or give back the package.

Twenty-year-old Jonathan Alives was arrested for menacing in front of Bellevue Hospital last Saturday at 5:37 a.m. Police said that Alives got into an argument with another man and then threatened him with two knives. Alives was also charged with weapons possession and disorderly conduct.

Thirty-year-old Tessa John-Connor was arrested in front of Irving Plaza at 17 Irving Place last Sunday at 1:51 a.m. An officer was at the location for crowd control after a concert and repeatedly told John-Connor that she had to move away from the front of the location. She allegedly refused and when the officer attempted to remove her from the area, she pushed him and grabbed onto other officers, police said. She allegedly resisted arrest by flailing her arms and pulling them to the front of her body to avoid being handcuffed. John-Connor was charged with resisting arrest, a public administration misdemeanor and disorderly conduct.

Michelle Mickelley, 34, was arrested for allegedly assaulting a peace officer in front of the Con Ed building at 4 Irving Place. It was last Thursday when Mickelley had allegedly been shoplifting at the store and tried to leave the store without paying. Store security followed her outside and police tried to restrain her when she allegedly smacked one of the officers, causing an abrasion on the officer’s hands.

Police arrested a teen inside the 13th Precinct last Thursday at 1 p.m. for grand larceny auto. Police said that the teen stole a car from Hertz Rent a Car. The company has a location in Gramercy at 245 East 19th Street. The teen’s name is being withheld due to his age.

Crime down this month in 13th Precinct, deputy inspector says

Deputy Inspector David Ehrenberg at a meeting of the 13th Precinct Community Council (Photo by Sabina Mollot)

Deputy Inspector David Ehrenberg at a meeting of the 13th Precinct Community Council (Photo by Maria Rocha-Buschel)

By Maria Rocha-Buschel

Crime has been down in the 13th Precinct in the last month and is also down overall for the year, Deputy Inspector David Ehrenberg, the commanding officer of the precinct, told neighborhood residents on Tuesday.

Ehrenberg, who was discussing local crime stats at the most recent meeting of the 13th Precinct Community Council, said that the 12 percent decrease is partially due to a decrease in grand larcenies, burglaries and robberies, but the latter two crimes have continued to pose a problem throughout the year.

“Robberies and burglaries are the key numbers to look out for,” he said, adding that felony assaults are also up this month.

He noted, though, as he has mentioned at meetings in the past, that the assaults aren’t much of a concern for the precinct since those numbers are primarily due to the hospitals in the area and the fact that officers are sometimes injured by people there who are resisting arrest, rather than random assaults on the streets.

Addressing a recent increase in assaults by delivery men, including an alleged attempted rape in Stuyvesant Town by a deli worker, the deputy inspector warned residents to take precautions when food is brought up to their apartments. He added that letting someone inside also gives them access to and knowledge of valuables that might be sitting out.

“There’s no reason to let people see what you have in there,” he said.

Like in a number of previous meetings, Ehrenberg made note of the surprising number of people who are victims of preventable crimes, like theft of unattended property.

“Pocketbooks on the backs of chairs and laptops left out unattended are being stolen. Leaving these things out in the open like that, you’re asking opportunists to come out and take it,” he said. “It’s easier to prevent this kind of crime than it is to do an investigation and solve it.”

He added that especially with the holiday season coming up, residents should be mindful of what they leave out and visible in their cars.
“Even if you went shopping and you’re just running into a restaurant to grab a quick bite, don’t,” Ehrenberg said. “We make collars on this kind of crime all the time but after we get them there are 20 more out there. We can’t stop that; it’s too many people.”

At one point the conversation turned to the annual SantaCon pub crawl, which is scheduled for December 13. The event has often been the bane of neighborhood residents where the crawl takes place due to public drunkenness by countless Santas and the deluge of vomit and public urination that usually comes with it. Inspector Ehrenberg, however, said that the precinct isn’t concerned about any problems with the event this year because aside from a group of brawling Santas whose fight was broadcast on YouTube, the weekend of the event last year was not especially problematic.

“We’re not expecting any issues (with SantaCon) this year,” he said. “Last year we put extra cops out and we’re going to have extra police for it this year, but I don’t think there will be any problems.”

The crawl typically starts somewhere in Manhattan, then makes its way to Brooklyn, though the route isn’t announced until shortly before the event. It was recently reported by Gothamist that the crawl was headed to Bushwick this year, but those plans have since been scrapped, amNY reported, and it remains to be seen where it may head.

Ehrenberg then honored two plainclothes police officers with the Cop of the Month award for their work that led to the capture of two gunmen last month. As Town & Village reported on the incident in October, a man was stopped in a rental car because police suspected that he was in possession of fraudulent credit cards. He and the other man in the car were found to be in possession of two loaded .40 caliber guns. Ehrenberg praised the officers’ work in tracking the men down.

“We have people around here in possession of guns like elsewhere in the city but thankfully we don’t have shootings like in other commands because of the work that these guys do,” he said.

Ehrenberg also noted at the meeting that as of this past Monday, the precinct is online. The precinct started tweeting under the handle @NYPD13PCT.
“A lot of us are new to the Twitter thing but it’s a learning curve,” Ehrenberg said. He added that residents are still better off calling community affairs at (212) 477-7406 or 311 about quality of life issues.