Letters to the Editor, Nov. 20

Thankful to a neighbor in Stuyvesant Town

Giving thanks came early last week at Associated thanks to Pat, the lady behind me on line, who insisted on paying my grocery bill when the cashier informed me I had only three cents left in my food stamp account.

It was November 12, my usual day to start receiving food stamps for the month, and I had only a small change purse with me that had nowhere near enough to cover the bill.

What I didn’t know was that the federal government wasn’t working on Veterans Day so all those who usually get their allotment on the 11th had to wait til the next day and those on the 12th still another day. Don’t know how long it takes for everyone to get back on schedule.

This most generous woman lives in Stuyvesant Town but refused to give me her last name so we could eventually pay her back. She’s somewhere in the SW quadrant near Playground 7, maybe 455 or 453 East 14th St. And we can’t thank her enough!

Name withheld, ST

Shilling for Hill

To the editor:

During the recent campaign of limited intelligence, a caller asked, “Are you ready for Hillary!”

My first reaction was to reach for an answer to the question, but I soon realized to my annoyance that the caller (she) was asking something with greater stakes. She wanted to know, not “if,” but “that” I would join in the production of mass excitement on behalf of Mrs. Clinton. I could have tested my belief and asked a question about Mrs. Clinton, for example: Did the then-senator vote to invade Iraq? Does she (now) support a single payer health plan for all Americans? How much of her “war-chest” comes from Wall Street? But instinct told me that I was not significant to the caller in that personal way.

The caller was interested in the creation of a mass euphoria, not in anything as personal (and unwelcome) as a non-staged question about the values and likely actions of a very likely candidate.

So here is my question. It is one I wish I had asked the young lady that called, but I didn’t, so I shall put it out there:

As a reminder: first . . . How many Americans are there? Then, after a reasonable answer, I would frame the question, How many is Hillary ?

Given those answers, isn’t the question: Is Hillary ready for us?

John M. Giannone, ST

Updates on conversion?

To the Editor:

With the upcoming meeting of the ST-PCV Tenants Association on December 6th, it would be a great if the Association would update the community on its efforts to take control of our destiny with their non-eviction condo conversion plan. We learned during the recent TA elections of the Conversion Committee yet the community knows nothing of its workings. There is also something called a Special Elections Committee.

The ice skating rink and greenmarket are certainly worthy of the TA’s attention but getting a seat at the table is something the TA has promised to deliver to all of us – old stabilizers and new stabilizers alike. Remember all of the fanfare and house meetings?

We all believe now is the time to hear when we are finally going to get that seat.

Name Withheld, ST

Enjoying the free event listings

To the Editor:

I look forward to reading Andrea Bucher McAdams’ column, Cutting Corners, for the many free events that take place throughout Manhattan.

I made time to attend one, a mystery writers talk at the Mid-Manhattan Library, months ago and, no surprise, all five authors on the panel knew of Judge Crater, whose 1930 vanishing is the hook of my research.

But I fear that I’m not going to be able to screen my film, “Judging Crater: Whither Bloch?” for free (or $5) anymore. But those on a budget can search “NY Observer FDR Billy” for my extended take. Hopefully after reading Part I of my treatise, you’ll want to see my revised film in due course.

Billy Sternberg, ST

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