Stuy Town’s studios hit the market


Photo of new studio apartment (Photo from

Photo of new studio apartment (Photo from

By Sabina Mollot

For those looking for a cozy, new apartment facing the East River, the wait is over.

Stuyvesant Town’s new studio apartments on Avenue C have hit the market.

Town & Village reported in September that several new studio apartments were being built in the former management office building and that CWCapital was also adding a few terraces on a total of 11 new apartments.

While all apartments in ST/PCV are technically rent stabilized, those that are renovated aren’t offered at discounted rents and the new studios are no exception. Prices on the new units range in price and are listed as “starting at $3,162” for a 393 square-foot option to starting at $3,420 for a 459 square-foot option. The largest studio is around 500 square feet with the cost starting at $3,273. (It was noted in the listing that these prices include special incentives and offers.) The units feature upgraded platinum finishes, upgraded lighting and most have in-wall (under-window) air conditioning.

Bedroom alcove of studio apartment (photo from

Bedroom alcove of studio apartment (photo from

The in-wall air conditioning has also been popping up at other apartments in Stuy Town in recent months.

The prices and information were listed at Stuy Town’s official website, which also said the apartments would become available on January 1, 2015. Four are located at 315 Avenue C. The other is at 319 Avenue C.

For reference, prices on available one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartments in ST/PCV this week range from starting at $3,099 to $3,329.

5 thoughts on “Stuy Town’s studios hit the market

  1. Useless and unaffordable as a full-time home. Perfect for an illicit affair, corporate apartment for dalliances, a pied-a-tierre for the wealthy a k a the “new stabilizers” or various other anonymous transients.

  2. So I wonder how many roommates they’ll stuff in these studios. Funny, the schematics don’t show the room dividers to come. “and that CWCapital was also adding a few terraces on a total of 11 new apartments.” Bro BBQ/Rave keggers will be the rule. God help anyone with a normal apartment that faces these terraces.

  3. The “balconies” (aka garage roofs) offer a stunning view of the underside of the FDR viaduct. During the Met Life era, apartment on Avenue C always had the highest turnover; after a couple years of enduring constant noise, fumes, and soot, people would request transfers to other, quieter buildings.

    At least on the higher floors, you get a great view. There’s a reason Met moved their offices there, no one wanted to live there! Now, they’re seeking a premium for them. Barnum had it down!

  4. LOL! This just proves that P.T. Barnum was right! There’s a sucker born every minute!

    Hey! You want to pay $3k+ for a studio overlooking the under belly of the FDR, carcinogenic fumes thrown in for free 24/7? Here’s a better deal: move to a spot under the FDR – accommodations are similar, but free. What a money-grubbing, totally desperate rip-off of the gullible! CW and its political coffer topper-uppers should be ashamed to show their faces and breathe the same air of decent New Yorkers.

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