New Year, new resolutions

By Maria Rocha-Buschel

The end of the calendar year brings with it the promise of new beginnings with the start of a new year, and this week Town & Village spoke to some residents of Stuyvesant Town to find out what resolutions they’re hoping to stick to, whether it’s starting up good new habits or breaking old bad ones.

Some young mothers in the neighborhood had their children in mind when thinking about changes they might make in the New Year.

“One I was thinking about was not to raise my voice as much,” said Stuy Town resident Allison El-Gamal, indicating that she was talking about her two kids, who were riding their scooters around the Oval fountain.

Lauren Griffin, who has lived in Stuyvesant Town for almost five years, said that she’s been too worn out since the arrival of her youngest child six weeks ago to think much about resolutions.

“If I had to make one, it might be to sleep more,” she said, laughing. She added that although she does usually make the commitment to giving things up for Lent, she doesn’t usually make New Year’s resolutions.

Estrella Vanhoek, who has lived in Stuyvesant Town for almost 30 years, said that her resolution is to be healthy. “It’s important to be proactive,” she said. “I have arthritis so I want to improve my knee.”

Other residents had less tangible goals for the year.

A resident of 12 years, Diane Pannullo, said that her resolution this year was going to be to let go and not worry as much. “I used to make resolutions like, learning Spanish or learning something new but I’ve learned that I’m just not going to do it,” she said. “Then I don’t do it and I feel bad. So this is something I could stick to.”

After thinking about it for at least a minute, Danielle Hudson echoed Panullo’s sentiment. Her friend, who was just visiting the area, originally hadn’t decided on any resolutions but was inspired by Hudson’s response about living a more carefree life. “I’ll second that!” she said.

Interestingly, the men questioned about their resolutions all said they didn’t have any.

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