Letters to the Editor, Jan. 8

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Mayor ‘focused’ on affordability how?

Re: “TA not scared off by $4.7B debt figure,” T&V, Jan. 8

To the Editor:

Here we go again! T&V states, “The mayor has so far not taken a position on the TA’s goal of a non-eviction condo conversion, though he’s focused on preserving affordability at the approximately 6,000 apartments in ST/PCV that are still in fact affordable.”

How can Town & Village or any other newspaper or media state this as fact when the evidence is to the contrary? What proof is T&V using to make this statement? Using basic 1+1=2 math any child should be able to understand that raising the rent every year is going to make once-affordable apartments UNaffordable. And this, unfortunately, is the truth. Like his Republican predecessors, our mayor has appointed all nine members of the current landlord-friendly Rent Guidelines Board which has just given tenants another annual rent increase by a vote of 5-4. And unless the mayor changes the composition of his personally-selected Rent Guidelines Board to one  favoring tenants instead of landlords, as it has for the past 24 years, we can look forward to more and more rent increases for as long as de Blasio is in office.

When I moved to Stuy Town I was using 20 percent of my salary to pay rent. Now, as a result of yearly rent increases, I’m paying 50 percent. So would someone explain to me how this supports the statement that the mayor is “focused on preserving affordability at the approximately 6,000 apartments in ST/PCV”?  I will not believe that de Blasio cares one bit about affordable housing in Stuy Town until he appoints five members to his board that will vote in favor of tenants. Anything less is just more political malarkey and newspapers should not assist in its dissemination.

John Cappelletti, ST

Editor’s note: John Cappelletti makes a fair point. The mayor’s talk about preserving affordability in Stuy Town is encouraging, but some action would be nice, too.

Hail to the chief  (of ST/PCV Public Safety)

Dear Editor,

I am one of those long time tenants who is often wistful about some of the traditions that have been eliminated (flea market, holiday decorations in garage, etc.) in Stuyvesant Town that I feel had made PCV/ST unique as a community in New York City.

I feel just as obligated however to remark about the progress in our community that I think distinguishes us and makes me feel grateful to be living here.

I want to highlight the staff of the Public Safety department under the leadership of Chief William McClellan. He and his staff are so markedly outstanding.

I have had a number of health concerns this past year as a result of an accident. I could not have coped had it not been for them. They have been completely sensitive, courteous, professional, and immediate. When I’ve needed help buzzing in pre-approved medical staff or deliveries because I couldn’t answer the intercom, or assistance when the lift in my building wasn’t working, or when they guarded my car when unbeknownst to me, I left it parked in the loop, with my keys in the car, and the car running, with the doors shut, but unlocked, until I returned to the car.

Any number of times I’ve needed their particular services, they are just extremely responsive, refusing any gratuity. All of them are wonderful, but I have to single out Officer Brooks as being particularly fantastic, kind, and with such good humor.

This level of service comes from the top, and Chief McClellan has proven to be distinctive in having his Staff be available to make this tenant feel very safe and connected indeed.

In my view, these are the hallmarks that make PCV/ST a residential gem in New York City.

Dr. Bel-Michele DeMille, ST

The door’s broken, come on in

For three days until this morning, our front door had been unlocked such that anyone had access to enter the building by pushing on it.

I called security to report it and, instead of listening to my concern, they hung up on me and buzzed me in.

I called back to say “the door’s open!”

Again he hung up and buzzed me in.

Shouldn’t there have been a guard at our building considering anyone could have entered?

After all, CW sent out a memo — based on incidents — saying don’t let anyone in you don’t know. But instead of following its own policy, PCV/ST security let everyone in.

Name withheld, ST

7 thoughts on “Letters to the Editor, Jan. 8

  1. Forget the damn conversion. Focus on the QOL issues and the bogus MCIs being stuck with. The “conversion” will only benefit certain developers and law firms; tenants will be screwed royally.

    • Jeannie & others.

      I voted for Mayor Bill de Blasio but his administration has disappointed me. He’s probably well intentioned but naïve in terms of his concentration on the “horse situation” and I don’t believe that before taking office he didn’t understand how powerful the real estate industry (and their lobbyists are).

      I’d probably like him as a friend — but his expertise and understanding of real politics seem to allude him. Let me add that his alliance with one of New York’s greatest self-serving Teflon crooks and a master of liars with a long history hurting the society and other blacks with his tactics. E.g., remember the Tawana Brawley hoax and …. plenty others.

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