Letters to the Editor, Jan. 29

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TA has been quite active in bedbug battle

Re: “Bedbugs are nothing new,” T&V letter, Jan. 22

To the Editor:

An anonymous writer in last week’s T&V made the wildly mistaken suggestion that the mention of bedbugs in a recent ST/PCV Tenants Association email regarding a City Council hearing on “short term rentals” such as Airbnb was the organization’s first acknowledgement of the serious bedbug problem in Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village.

To clarify the matter: In 2012, the TA established a Bedbug Registry on its website. Since then, approximately 100 residents have reported to the Registry that they have had an infestation or have had their apartments inspected in management’s “cloverleaf” inspections of apartments adjacent to an infested one. The site keeps residents informed of trouble in their buildings, warns potential renters of the problem and, in some cases, alerts management to cases that may not have been reported to them.

In August 2013, in an all-out effort to raise the alarm on the spreading bedbug problem, the Tenants Association — at enormous expense — mailed to every one of the community’s 11,227 apartments a pamphlet from the NYC Department of Health explaining how to protect against infestations and actions to take if the bugs strike. The TA’s letter that accompanied the pamphlet noted that infestations had been reported in 20 percent of ST/PCV buildings in the previous three years. Anyone confronting a bedbug problem should notify Resident Services and go online to stpcvta.org, the TA’s website, click on the Bedbug Registry at the top left of the site, and let the TA know. The Registry asks only for building address and floor number, not a resident’s name or apartment.

Soni Holman Fink, PCV​

Bashing TA on bedbugs was uncalled for

Re: “Bedbugs are nothing new,” T&V letter, Jan. 22

To the Editor,

Contrary to the assertion that the ST-PCV Tenants Association has been silent about the prevalence of bedbug infestations in our community, the TA has been frequently vocal about this issue. In addition to calling attention to the problem and its impact on numerous occasions, the TA distributed the comprehensive Department of Health publication Preventing and Getting Rid of Bedbugs Safely to all tenants.

On its website, the TA also continues to maintain and update a useful bedbug inspection and infestation registry for ST and PCV apartments.

Moreover, the charge that the TA obstructs tenants’ rights to sublet is patently absurd. The TA has never challenged ST and PCV renters’ subletting rights as allowed by our leases in the Subletting and Assignment section. Any non-transient who resides in our community as a “tenant of record” should be aware of those rights.

M. Cooper, ST

Student rental biz doesn’t belong in Stuy Town

This is in reference to the article about Lucas Chu published in the January 8 edition of Town & Village newspaper (“New business aims to find sublets for students in Stuyvesant Town”).

I’m glad that his business is thriving. However, I wish he would move his business somewhere else besides Stuyvesant Town.
In his article, he mentioned “people being angry when there is change.”

After all that Stuyvesant Town went through with lots of changes over the last 10 years, I think the longtime residents of this community have every right to be a little more than upset. Instead of trying to focus on preserving this “paradise for the middle class,” management has made every effort to destroy it.

How about setting aside selfish, profit making intentions, raising rental fees, renting to college kids and instead, provide housing for our veterans coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan?

With the increasing terror threats, the management of Stuyvesant Town chooses to rent apartments to transients, disregarding the safety of the tenants with the constant comings and goings of people into the buildings.

George Proto, ST

Stuy Town as it was…

To the Editor:

Arriving home during the snow on Monday I was reminded how peaceful and beautiful ST/PCV can be. I looked out my kitchen window to the 20th Street Loop and could see children careening down the one great slope we all know here cast in brilliant black and white. I heard screams of great joy which brought me back to a time with my own children up and down that “momentous” hill. It’s nice to see this carried on for generations with all of the change that’s going on.

Charles Sturcken, ST

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  1. For some time my husband and i hoped that PCVST would go coop or condo. Pretty sure that many others hope so as well. Would anyone know if that is no longer a possibility? Hope springs eternal for many. Thank you

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