Brotherhood book drive will benefit public schools

Teachers pick out books for their schools on March 7 after a book drive was conducted at Brotherhood Synagogue and other locations. (Photo by Maria Rocha-Buschel)

Teachers pick out books for their schools on March 7 after a book drive was conducted at Brotherhood Synagogue and other locations. (Photo by Maria Rocha-Buschel)

By Maria Rocha-Buschel

Brotherhood Synagogue, which regularly organizes its congregants in various charitable efforts, has most recently concluded a book drive with Project Cicero, an annual non-profit project that provides reading material to under-resourced public schools.

Lynn Abraham, a member of Brotherhood Synagogue and a board member for Project Cicero, said that as of last week, the synagogue managed to collect 12 boxes of books throughout the past month. By the end of the donation period last Sunday, the total was 17 boxes.

“That’s extraordinary for a synagogue,” she said.

The donation efforts for Project Cicero at the synagogue have been spearheaded by the synagogue’s Social Action Committee member Linda Yee Kaleko, who said that Brotherhood has been involved with the organization for about six years.

“My daughter happened to really love reading and books when she was in high school,” Kaleko said. “Sometimes in the committee we try to come up with new projects and this came up when we were looking for something so it worked out very well.”

Abraham said that since Project Cicero has started in 2001, it has been able to put about three million books back into the public school system.

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Letters to the Editor, Mar. 12

Upstairs neighbors making my life hell

Re: Recent letters on noise from neighboring apartments due to a lack of carpeting

Dear Editor,

No carpet = hell, pure hell!

To annoy, torture, harass and bully me, my upstairs neighbors have been:

Slamming/throwing heavy furniture against the floors during their wild parties around 1 a.m. or 3 a.m.

Dragging/moving furniture against wooden floors day and night constantly.

Making loud footsteps with shoes with high heels day and night and doing it deliberately and enjoying it, every step.

Dropping, striking, rolling metals and heavy objects against wooden floors constantly.

Tap dancing against the wooden floors early in days and late nights.

Jogging back and forth inside the apartment regardless of the time of the day and night.

Every day after work, I must spend countless hours staying in McDonald’s, Dunkin Donuts or in my church praying and staying in my friends’ houses — just to avoid hearing those unbearable nuisances from my upstairs neighbors.

My doctor had to increase the dosage of my high blood pressure pill. I had to seek professional help/counseling to deal with my anger management because my landlord, security, my local politicians and my neighbors cannot help me and I feel I am about to snap.

I can hardly afford to pay my rent but now I have to pay legal fees to my lawyer to help me.

Whatever happened to the golden rule: “Do not do unto others what you do not want others to do unto you” and the Christian rule, “Love thy neighbors as you love yourself”? It is hard for me to believe — being a tenant in Stuyvesant Town — I am having nightmares and I have to fight for myself to have a decent, good quality of life.


Jovenal Arboleda, ST

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