Letters to the Editor, Apr. 9

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Thanks, TA for speaking up for neighbors

Re: ST-PCV Tenants Association’s Al Doyle gives testimony at rent regulation extension signing,” T&V, Apr. 2

We are very fortunate to have such well-spoken leaders in our Tenants Association as Alvin Doyle and Susan Steinberg to voice our concerns to our representatives in the City Council and those in Albany.

Having had lived in Stuyvesant Town during my entire married life and now as a widow, I am grateful for the community spirit and have appreciated the warm neighborliness that PCVST has provided. It is all well and good to strive to provide for new affordable housing as this city was built by and maintained by a strong middle class. It would be tragic to lose PCVST, which has served this city so remarkably, while politicians are promising and possibly not delivering new affordable housing. A little common sense should prevail please!

And why should Albany, who takes so much from NYC, have anything to do with our homes! We should have home rule!

I once invited Bruno to tea…no, he did not come but I wanted to have a little sit-down with him! Look where he is now. Why is he not in jail? Why did he have anything to do with trying to get me out of my home? And I’m still here…

I am thankful to the leaders of our Tenants Association, Dan Garodnick, Mark Thompson, (State Senator) Brad Hoylman and his predecessor Tom Duane, (Assembly Member) Brian Kavanagh, District Leader Louise Dankberg and others who have fought for the rights of the middle class! I know I have left many out but you know who you are. All politics are local and we all need to continue to fight for what is right.

Finally I am grateful for Town & Village who has covered our community since day one and helps keep us all informed and provides a mouthpiece for our concerns.

Kay Vota, ST

Note: This letter was first published as a comment on the Town & Village Blog, town-village.com.

Rude behavior should not be ‘expected’

Re: Letter, “What tenants can realistically expect,” T&V, Mar. 19

One of the oddest letters we’ve read in Town & Village is Mr. Billy Sternberg’s rent status “excuse” for rude neighbors!

We’re in a rent-stabilized apartment in Peter Cooper Village and had a noisy family above us in a market rate place. After our personal requests for less noise were ignored, we dealt with security and the management office and things got better.

Allowing tenants of any age or apartment status to be inconsiderate neighbors is simply wrong! And not complaining the proper way perpetuates bad behavior.

Name withheld, PCV

A few thoughts from a reader in Minneapolis

A.J. Miller’s column on practicing good time management in the Feb. 5 issue was brilliant. Especially on comparing the amount of time you plan on spending to do a project as the equivalent to the amount of space available to put objects in.

Some of the headers for the “Police Watch” reports are laugh-out-loud funny. Whoever writes them deserves some praise and credit.

I still say (since the 1970s) that the greatest threat to Manhattan is NYU.

Excuse me while I matriculate.

Richard Luksin,
Minneapolis, MN

Climate change in California and here

Governor Jerry Brown has enacted unprecedented measures to help counter the greatest period of draught ever experienced in his state. Since California is the greatest “breadbasket” in this nation, this will affect the cost of food in the entire nation. But, the ramifications are far more serious.

We cannot blame this situation solely on global climate warming – however, anyone who reads the newspaper or watches TV does know that during the past years, the entire planet has experienced an ever increasing and extraordinary number of extreme weather events. Scientists have correlated this, in part, to the increase in carbon dioxide in the air which keeps excessive heat in the atmosphere as the polar icecaps continue to melt. In the U.S. both the East and West Coasts are most vulnerable.

But many politicians – especially Republicans – have labeled climate change as a hoax. Why? The lobbyists in D.C. funnel monies from Big Energy and…

What about PCV/ST? As the city prepares to attempt to mitigate the effects of future storms, they most likely will continue and expand.

The owners du jour of our developments and more importantly, the residents may find PCV/ST at the bottom of water and worthless. And as this continues at a speed even climatologists had not expected even five years ago…

This has the potential to end human life on this planet. Don’t CEOs understand that their children and grandkids may be lost as a result of probably the greatest (of the many) serious problems we all face?

David Chowes, PCV

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