New commanding officer adjusting to 13th Precinct

Captain Brendan Timoney

Captain Brendan Timoney

By Maria Rocha-Buschel

The 13th Precinct has seen some leadership changes in the last month, with Captain Brendan Timoney coming in to take over for Deputy Inspector David Ehrenberg, who had been commanding officer at the precinct since the end of 2012 right before Superstorm Sandy.

Captain Steven Hellman, who has also been transferred out of the 13th precinct to Midtown North, previously told Town & Village that the precinct’s former commanding officer has been promoted to Patrol Borough Manhattan South, which oversees 10 commands in Manhattan, including the 13th Precinct.

The 13th precinct’s new commanding officer joined the NYPD in 1998, starting in patrol at the 52nd precinct in the Bronx. Since then, he has worked in other precincts in the Bronx as well as at the Midtown North precinct as a sergeant and on the conditions team, which deals with quality of life issues.

He was promoted to captain in 2011 and transferred to the Ninth Precinct, where he was executive officer until 2013. He was the commanding officer of the First Precinct, covering Tribeca, from 2013 until he was transferred to the 13th Precinct, where he started his new post as commanding officer on March 6.

Timoney, whose father and uncle are also in the NYPD, said that there are noticeable similarities between his previous and current commands.

“Grand larceny drives a lot of the crime in both precincts,” he said.

The precinct’s new top cop said that he’s spent the last three to four weeks adjusting to the new command and becoming familiar with the issues that concern residents in the neighborhood’s various communities.

“I’ve been meeting up with different community groups to find out what concerns people, and it’s mostly about addressing quality of life issues,” he said.

Timoney said that his new executive officer Paul Zangrillo, who joined the precinct on March 22, will be leading the next community council meeting because he has classes that evening. He added that the schedule for the precinct meetings will be adjusted for future months because the class conflicts with the meetings all year.

This month’s meeting is at the usual day and time, 6:30 p.m. on the third Tuesday of the month, because the schedule hadn’t been adjusted yet.

Meetings take place at the precinct at 230 East 21st Street between First and Second Avenues.

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