Letters to the Editor, Apr. 23

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Interpreting what the RSA says

This group uses as their tag line: “We house New York.” And you have probably seen their ads on local TV stations in the area. They want Albany to end rent stabilization. They give as reasons: it would help New Yorkers; would allow for all sorts of upgrading of the housing stock; and in many ways be benevolent to the residents… Really?

I have asked my students what profession engages primarily in lying. The most frequent response has been “advertising.” And, I fully agree. Have you seen “Mad Men?”

Even though it was reported that increases in the costs of the real estate industry increased only one half of one percent during the recent year they want for all apartments to go free market. For Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village residents $2,000 rentals could go to over $5,000.

To rewrite the ad with honesty, they would have to say: “We along with lawyers, no matter how wealthy, will always want more and more!” We want 150 percent more in increases from you!

How many could afford anything close to $5K?

So, as they pay their lobbyists monies to give to the many crooked representatives in the bicameral legislatures perks and cash to gain their votes, who wins? Not the voters but the real estate folks who pay dues to be members of the RSA who claim that, “They house New York.”

Be sure and attend the next Tenants Association meeting and let your voices be heard.

David Chowes, PCV

Still feeling the noise

Dear Town & Village,

I haven’t lived in Stuy Town in over 30 years and even I’m incensed at upstairs neighbors who don’t obey the 80 percent floor covering rule, making life miserable for their downstairs neighbors! But we all know that the real blame falls on CWCapital as this is a thinly veiled tactic to put new (and the noisier the better) market rate tenants above older rent stabilized tenants to drive them out.

Richard Luksin,
Minneapolis, MN

Environment concerns to be aired at U.N.

To the Editor:

This April’s Earth Week coincides with the annual United Nations’ Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues. This week and next, native or First Peoples around the world are coming to the United Nations to express their concerns about Mother Earth and human rights infringements based on past treaties that failed.

It is fortunate for the United States and our allies that during World War 2, Navajo speaking Indians were able to save many troops’ lives because those countries, who were at war with us, could not break their Navajo language code.

In 2015, the native peoples, while struggling to survive poverty and social ills, have leaders like Chief Oren Lyons, Faithkeeper of the Haudenosaunee people in upstate New York, who urge us to recognize that every molecule in our bodies, the minerals in our bones, and the water in our veins and tears comes from Mother Earth, who many acknowledge as Mother Nature.

Let our actions and our laws ensure that our individual and corporate actions will always consider, like the Iroquois tradition, the impact of our decisions, not only on the present, but on up to seven generations. We need to do what we can personally for the environment, but also convince our leaders of both political parties that they need to work together with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for a sustainable and resilient future.

Joy Garland, ST

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