Facade MCIs pending at 5 buildings

By Sabina Mollot

The ST-PCV Tenants Association said this week that it has heard from tenants in four buildings in Peter Cooper Village and one in Stuyvesant Town who have received notices in the mail of pending major capital improvement rent increases.

The pending MCI is for building exterior restorations and, if approved by the state housing agency, is a permanent increase that will cost tenants a little over $13 per room per month. (Costs could vary from building to building.)

For one tenant at 601 East 20th Street who’d gotten such an official notice, the owner’s total claimed cost for the work, including exterior restoration, a sidewalk shed and consultant services, was $462,000.

The Tenants Association had heard about the MCI from neighbors in three of the buildings last fall (441, 541 and 2 Peter Cooper Road last fall), but just this month, heard about it at 601 and 3 Stuyvesant Oval.

John Marsh, president of the TA, said he expects there will be more so he is asking residents at other buildings to contact the association if they get the notices.

Whenever the owner files an application for an MCI, the Tenants Association also asks tenants to request a 60-day extension to respond, so the TA’s attorney can analyze the charges.

“It is lawful for the owner to apply for an MCI, but we will thoroughly review it for appropriateness of the costs,” said Marsh.

For more information on the TA’s recommended way to respond to MCIs, check here.

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