Letters to the Editor, Apr. 30

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Why was mail dumped in wrong building?

Today, Saturday, April 25, dozens (literally dozens) of pieces of mail addressed to tenants of 435 East 14th Street were dumped in the lobby of 445 East 14th Street. Most of the mail was rent bills.

I took all of it over to the lobby of 435, though I didn’t take all the magazines because I was running late for an appointment and there were a lot of magazines, too!

Anybody at 435 should regularly check the lobby of 445 because we get their mail quite frequently, though not usually as much as today.

Obviously, it was not our regular letter carrier working today because she is very careful. I wonder why the Postal Service is going down the toilet?

Maybe it’s time that PCVST set up some way of electronic rent payment (if it doesn’t already) because I’m sure this is not an isolated incident and some tenants may be late with their rent because the Postal Service (if you can call it “service”) is so bad around here.

Frances Clarke, ST

Town & Village called the Peter Stuyvesant Post Office three times on Monday and again on Wednesday to ask about this but the phone wasn’t picked up any of those times. An employee at a window said he’d heard about it and thought someone had forgotten to lock the mailboxes. An official spokesperson for the USPS didn’t respond to an email from T&V requesting a comment. A rep for CWCapital said it was a USPS issue and referred any questions to the aforemenioned agency. T&V also contacted Congress Member Carolyn Maloney whose case worker for postal issues, Sarah Belleas, asked that tenants who experience any mail problems contact her at sarah.belleas@mail.house.gov.

Neighbors are needed in fight for rent laws

To the Editor:

The Board of the ST-PCV Tenants Association would like to thank the hundreds of residents who sacrificed a spring-like Saturday afternoon to attend our meeting on rent law renewal.

For residents who were unable to attend: You can find a full audio recording on the Tenants Association website, stpcvta.org. Most tenants by now will have received a call-to-action letter in their mailboxes with three sample letters to Governor Andrew Cuomo, Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie, and Assemblymember Brian Kavanagh. All of them need to hear from all of us. I urge you to either personalize the letters, or use them as they are by just signing your name and including your address. You can drop them in a TA drop box (preferred) or mail them directly.

The TA will keep the community informed via eblast, web posting, Facebook and Twitter of upcoming important events to participate in. Make no mistake: everyone is affected by the potential expiration of rent regulations on June 15. Let’s all do our part make sure the laws are not just renewed but strengthened.

Susan Steinberg, Chair, ST-PCV Tenants Association

What are pols doing about homeless shelter?

The following letter was sent as email to several local elected officials:

Good morning,

Our community is essentially under attack and we all want to know what each one of our legislators are doing to provide a solution and make our neighborhood safer.

You have been elected to represent us and we are asking you and have provided you, with enough detail to deal with the inordinate amount of residents and sexual offenders at the Bellevue shelter.

A heinous rape took place on 27th and Lex by one of these men.

They are bold and approach families and children specifically rambling, yelling, screaming, panhandling and showing their private parts. This is all documented via 311 and 911.

– Per the police officer outside the shelter, shelter management has told its residents they cannot loiter outside the shelter but anywhere else is fine because management cannot enforce what they do. Nice. Nice for us.

What will each one of you do to fix this? Thank you and we look forward to a true response and plan of action.

Mauro Pennacchia,
Kips Bay

Bellevue Hospital not affiliated with shelter

Re: “All sex offenders moved out of Bellevue shelter,” T&V, Apr. 23

To the Editor:

Thank you for your very comprehensive article on the 30th St. men’s shelter, including community and political involvement. Homelessness in NYC is a growing problem of great concern to all of us. In an ideal world, we want all people to be housed and protected at all times. The need for shelters has increased over the years due to the economy and unemployment.

Although the 30th St. men’s shelter is located near Bellevue Hospital Center and was the former Bellevue Hospital psychiatric building, people commonly think they are still one and the same. Please note that the shelter has nothing to do with Bellevue. It is not the Bellevue shelter, but the 30th St. men’s shelter which is run by the Department of Homeless Services. Bellevue is the flagship hospital of the Health and Hospital Corporation and provides expert medical care to anyone needing healthcare regardless of the person’s ability to pay.

Louise Dankberg,
Former chair,
Bellevue Hospital
Center Community
Advisory Board

3 thoughts on “Letters to the Editor, Apr. 30

  1. Concerning the mail left at 445 that was addressed to 435: I took over the wrongly-delivered mail that was in the lobby at 445 at the time when I went downstairs. I learned later that a tenant at 435 who visits 445 daily had taken an even bigger load of it over to her building earlier. I can’t take take the credit for taking all of the mail to the right building. I heard that 435 got no mail delivery that day. ALL of their mail came to 445. Whomever the letter carrier was who was on that route on Saturday, April 25 needs to be “retrained.”

  2. There’s something very strange going on with the mail in ST. The rent bill didn’t come for April, and that’s NEVER happened before.

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