First Ave. parking spots moved for Citibike station

On Monday, drivers were given no clue as to why a “No Standing” sign went up outside of Stuyvesant Town. (Photo taken by a T&V reader)

On Monday, drivers were given no clue as to why a “No Standing” sign went up outside of Stuyvesant Town. (Photo taken by a T&V reader)

By Sabina Mollot

On Monday, the Department of Transportation quietly relocated parking spots that had been on the service road on First Avenue outside Stuyvesant Town to across the street. The reason for the work, apparently, was to accommodate a Citibike station that is also being moved.

Town & Village learned about the project after being contacted by two irate readers, both of whom live in Stuy Town and were annoyed to discover, upon coming home that parking spaces that had always been on the service road on First Avenue near the Gracefully shop were gone. In their place was a new “No Standing” sign.

As one reader, Laurence Watson, observed, “Spots that have been there 25 years are now gone without notice. One guy came home Saturday and had a ticket Sunday morning! It was an available spot on Friday.”

A spokesperson for the Department of Transportation didn’t respond to a request for an explanation by press time, but Council Member Dan Garodnick had better luck in getting answers from the DOT after T&V informed him of the issue.

Garodnick, who was told that the spaces were not removed but relocated to make way for the Citibikes, said that there was a reason for the sudden switch in locations. Apparently, in the bikes’ old spot, a Con Ed steam pipe that was located underneath the ground was sending condensation upwards that was destroying the shared bikes. While the work is underway a “No Standing” sign was installed.

It was on Wednesday afternoon when workers moved the Citibike station.

Garodnick added that there had not been any community notice prior to the project.

7 thoughts on “First Ave. parking spots moved for Citibike station

  1. So now the steam pipe will send condensation up and ruin the cars of taxpayers instead of a freeloading company getting the space for nothing and Garodnick is OK with that explanation? How silly, of course Dan is OK with it. When has he ever cared about his constituents over a corporation that can and will bribe him to be OK with it? My bad I forgot who we were talking about.

  2. Hey Slash, why don’t you grow a pair and sign your real name? the fact that you insinuated that Dan Garodnick, who by the way has done an amazing job representing this community , would be ssociiated with bribery is WAY OUT OF BOUNDS.
    Tom Issing

  3. Dirty Dan the RE Man. Of course he doesn’t give a ff about his constituents. We all realized that a long time ago. Can’t wait for him to be out of office.

  4. Sorry Tom, after thinking about it, the fact that you don’t know that Garodnick is wholly owned by the REBNY proves that your head is already up your arse.

  5. Just wanted to point out that the bikes weren’t “just moved across the street” but two additional racks were added taking several additional parking spots. Let’s just allow Dan’s true allegiances to be seen by waiting to see if he sides with Related Companies the huge Real Estate company who is the money behind Citi Bikes or his constituents the taxpayers he is supposed to serve. I’d wager those bike racks are never moved back where they first were and that car owners will be crapped on again. 1%ers against middle class hmmmm who will Dan support???

  6. Of course Dan will side with the RE company. He is the RE industry’s pet pol. He represents them. He certainly does not represent us mere voting constituents. He’ll never get my vote again. He has shown in many ways his true reasons for being in politics: RE RE RE RE. It’s practically a religion with him.

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