Letters to the Editor, May 7

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Give me a B for Bellevue!

Dear Editor,

Let’s all cheer Bellevue Hospital Center’s achievements! Bellevue just saved their first patient who had contracted Ebola. I extend an invitation to all to partake in our services.


Michelle “Shelley” Deal Winfield
Bellevue Community Advisory Board


Laundry machines out of order (numerically)

The new dryers in 272-274 First Ave were not installed in numerical order.

You have to memorize the number or location of your dryers. You can’t see which clothes are yours without opening the doors. There are no windows.

Who thought of that?

Esther Marlowe, ST

One thought on “Letters to the Editor, May 7

  1. Esther Marlowe: what else would you expect from this tenth-rate “management” we have at this time? I doubt that anybody involved can actually count! Intelligence is NOT their strongest point!

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