TA attends rally outside Cuomo’s office

Stuyvesant Town tenant leaders participated in a rally for stronger rent laws outside Governor Cuomo’s Manhattan office last Wednesday.  Photo by Rebecca Dumais)

Stuyvesant Town tenant leaders participated in a rally for stronger rent laws outside Governor Cuomo’s Manhattan office last Wednesday. (Photo by Rebecca Dumais)

By Sabina Mollot

Last Wednesday, a group of residents of Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village, including leaders from the ST-PCV Tenants Association, joined a rally for stronger rent laws in front of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s midtown Manhattan office.

The Tenants Association demonstrators carried signs that read “Strengthen the rent laws—Do not feed vultures,” complete with a graphic of a vulture hovering over Stuy Town. The graphic was designed by TA member John Sicoransa and another version of the sign read, “Landlords feed on middle class renters.”

TA Chair Susan Steinberg noted the turnout among neighbors was a high as was the response to a recent effort, highlighted in this newspaper, to get tenants to write letters to key Albany legislators. During a recent trip to the Post Office, Steinberg learned at around 500 letters had been addressed to Cuomo, Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie and local Assembly Member Brian Kavanagh.

A package slip had been left in the TA’s mailbox and when Steinberg went out to collect said package, a postal worker brought out the letters in two large trays. Upon seeing the amount of mail, “I almost fainted,” said Steinberg.

“So,” she added, “we are very happy people are paying attention, and we’re going to send them off in large batches.”

The TA is also participating in a march for stronger rent laws to be held on Thursday, May 14 at 5 p.m. The event will begin with a rally at Foley Square (corner of Centre Street and Worth Street) followed by a march across Brooklyn Bridge to Cadman Plaza.

4 thoughts on “TA attends rally outside Cuomo’s office

  1. I love the vulture graphic! It really conveys the prevailing state of affairs here. Only thing missing is blood dripping from its beak. Our blood.

  2. With a bird watcher in the family we add this suggestion to correct and protect the noble vulture. Vultures rarely if ever attack a healthy animal. We were a healthy, sustainable community that was attacked by human predators. We get the analogy but as PCV ST bird watchers and lovers who once enjoyed the migrating birds that once used the trees now long gone, also killed by human predators, please consider changing your analogy if only to be accurate or to just leave the animals out of the analogies. They are victims of the human predators here too. Animals never behave as poorly as these human predators. The PCV ST trees, the birds, the squirrels are clobbered just like the tenants. No need to insult animals with analogies of poor human behavior. As a species, some of us kinda suck.

  3. J, I agree with you and I take back my comment about vultures. Vultures actually clean up the show by eating carcasses before they can rot and spread disease. Just like everything in nature, they were designed for a good purpose. There is nothing useful or wholesome about predatory landlords. They are the scum of the earth.

  4. As serious as it is, and I really sympathize with Sandra Lee, I hope Cuomo isn’t going to use her health issues and upcoming surgery as an excuse for not engaging fully in the rent regulations discussion. I wouldn’t put anything past him (or any politician, for that matter). I have no faith, trust or admiration for any of them.

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