Letters to the Editor, May 21

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Bikes in ST? Only with extreme caution

The following letter was originally published as a comment on Town & Village Blog (town-village.com) by Brian Van in response to the letters, “Bike riding should be allowed in Stuy Town” and “Motorized bikes putting tenants in danger,” in T&V, May 14.

It’s really critical to understand that no one at all should be riding motorized bicycles through the middle paths of PCV/ST. This is immoral behavior considering the risks, and the NYPD should be writing tickets for this. It’s fish in a barrel.

As for “normal” bicycles:

I understand that many people would have reservations about PCV/ST being permissive of this. My understanding is that it would only be workable if bicycles used defined pathways and proceeded very slowly, with extreme caution, just as a way of connecting to the interior driveways. If that were to be followed, and if the cyclists were yielding to pedestrians and keeping a very long distance away from them, there can be some safe sharing of some of the paths. It’s no different from the sharing of space on the West Side Greenway, which has similar shared paths. But it wouldn’t work if everyone came tearing through at 20 mph – there would need to be restraint by the cyclists.

It’s important to consider: the PCV/ST property cut off all of the travel among side streets when it was established, and the perimeter streets were built to maximize parking and auto speed, not pedestrian or bicycle safety. First Avenue has gotten better, but the perimeter streets on the north and east are still shamefully unsafe for bicycles, and on the eastern perimeter the East River Greenway is triple-barricaded from the street by quite a lot of concrete and steel encumbrances. There is an ethical duty for the stakeholders here to consider remedies for that situation, including additional shared paths and/or petitions to the DOT to re-imagine the perimeter streets as safety-first corridors and not as highways. To be clear: Any bicycle travelling quickly through PCV/ST should be ticketed for proceeding recklessly, in any situation.

Stuy Town paths too crowded for bikes

To the Editor:

Dear “Name Withheld” (author of letter, “Bike riding should be allowed in Stuy Town,” T&V, May 14), your harping on the Public Safety personnel who enforce common sense use of biking in Stuyvesant Town reminds me of the phrase “Yes, you have a right to engage in such behavior, but is it the right thing to do?” Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper is the second largest private residence complex in the city with 11,000+ apartments and a population of approximately 25,000 people. We have one small greenspace, the Oval, for all of us to share. Your parsing of the Admin. Code and the definitions of sidewalk, etc. misses the forest for the trees.

Wouldn’t common sense dictate to you that at the most congested area where small children, the disabled and seniors get to relax and enjoy the outside should be spared a steady entourage of speeding bicycles?

Forget your feeble attempt to show your legal prowess and appreciate that Public Safety has all the right in their charge to enforce rules in this private complex. I’m sure you can understand “private,” which is why you must withhold your name.

Charles Sturcken, ST

3 PC Rd. wheelchair lift needs repairs

 At least once or twice a week for the past seven weeks (now eight), I have called the Maintenance Dept. to tell them that the wheelchair lift at 3 Peter Cooper Road does not stop level once it reaches the ground floor. Most times I am told that they are or have e-mailed Otis about this problem and so far nothing has been done.

Does anyone have any influence to take care of this problem? A call to their property manager resulted in just what I had expected which was no return call.

Then there’s the dog owners who don’t bother to clean up after their animals, although most do. I was very fortunate last week to walk into my building only to be hit with the most disgusting smell. Sure enough, it was doggy doo sitting right on the floor of the wheelchair lift. I thought the rental office did a better job about leasing to people. Of course there’s plenty of doo on the walkways too.

Marcia Robinson, PCV

A spokesperson for CWCapital has told T&V the lift was never out of service and the problem of it not stopping level was fixed on April 23. In response, Robinson said the problem of it not stopping level has persisted.

Must see T&V

Dear T&V,

Chris Hagedorn, Sabina Mollot and Maria Rocha-Buschel are a powerful triumvirate. I would bet there isn’t a better weekly community newspaper in all of NYC.

Richard Luksin,
Minneapolis, MN

2 thoughts on “Letters to the Editor, May 21

  1. If bike riding is prohibited in Stuyvesant Town, then Management should NOT be allowing its maintenance people to travel to jobs throughout the complex by bike either, which they do…all the time! Self-serving, hypocritical behavior on Management’s part.

  2. @E.D. Brown:
    Even worse, PCV/ST management allows their staff to drive vehicles on all pathways at all times!

    And exactly how are these employees trained to drive in a “shared space” context to assure safety for all bystanders – if they are trained in such a way at all?

    Again, this is no excuse for anyone else’s poor behavior. But I do think that there are conflicting standards here being applied insensibly, and that there is a way for everyone to safely get where they are going without having draconian (and rarely-followed) policies. It deserves a broader, empathetic conversation.

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