Letters to the Editor, May 28

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

If we knew then what we know now…

To the editor:

There is an absolute absurdity that keeps circulating in the halls of banality. Its primary function is to deflect responsibility for the actions of our nation, our people and our leaders and the press. It resurfaced a few weeks back with Jeb Bush and Mrs. Clinton, and again, recently, in NPR’s Brian Lehrer and All Things Considered, on Sunday, May 24 — but make no mistake, it is not limited to Mrs. Clinton, the Bushes and NPR’s people. So here it is: “If we knew then, what we know now…” (Finish with: “would we have invaded Iraq?”)

It is an American tragedy that the question was formed. It shows an induced loss of memory among those of us who are over 60, and ignorance on the part of everyone else.

So let’s go back to the Eisenhower years, specifically, May 1, 1960. That was the day one of our U2s was shot down twelve miles above the Soviet Union — we were stunned that the Russians had that ability. Recall its pilot, Gary Powers… put on display by Khrushchev to the utter embarrassment of President Eisenhower who could no longer deny our flying over Russia. I leave it to the reader to figure out what one of our high altitude U2 planes (hint) with cameras was doing over Russia. (End episode I.)

Let’s go forward to October, 1962. President Kennedy is on television. He is explaining the identity of objects and the significance of shadows in an 8 x10 photo of the ground in Cuba. The photo was taken by our aircraft flying over Cuba. Kennedy was about to take serious action and he wanted the American people to know why he was going to take the actions he was about to take: blockade Cuba and demand the removal of Russian missiles. (End episode II.)

Suffice now to recall that during the 50 years of the cold-war, we and the Soviets developed sophisticated technology with which to photograph each other’s country. On CBS news, Walter Cronkite described our technological capacity to photograph from space a pack of cigarettes in a man’s shirt.
The great advance in our ability to photograph the ground from space came with satellites whose speed would keep them over the same spot on Earth. We and the Russians knew every square inch of everything that was the other’s.

Let’s move ahead to 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2003. George Bush is President of The United States.

Over the years, our media has served the wrong sets of questions. Rather than demanding: “Given our technology, how could we not have known about WMD in Iraq?” it insisted that while we know now, maybe, just maybe, back then maybe we did not know. But what we know now, we don’t know only now. We are not in a privileged position now compared to back then.

Sending our troops running around in the desert on wild goose chases established nothing new. What we know now is precisely what we knew back then.

John M. Giannone, ST

The need for local senior housing

To the Editor:

The May 14th issue of Town & Village, with the lead article “Ravitch wants senior housing built at Brookdale site,” speaks to the real need to address the acute shortage of senior residences in our community that offer elders the possibility of assisted living as well as nursing care and senior services.

One of my friends, formerly of Stuyvesant Town, was a patient with Alzheimer’s for over a year at the Cabrini Nursing Home at 542 Fifth Street and Avenue B when we suddenly were informed that the developer Ben Shaoul had bought the nursing home and had given the residents and 273 staff two months to clear out so he could turn it into condos. With the help of the social work staff, our friend was able to be transferred to an East Side Nursing Home where she passed away in three months.

Another friend from East Midtown Plaza in her 80s needed residential nursing home care after Hurricane Sandy, and after a month’s stay in an expensive private nursing home on Manhattan’s West Side, we were finally able to get her into the Cabrini Nursing Home in Dobbs Ferry, NY, where she is now on Medicaid.

To visit her once a week in all kinds of weather, I need a bus to Grand Central, the Metro North train to Dobbs Ferry and a taxi from there to the nursing home.

If you want to be informed and have your voice heard on this issue, you can Google “Community Board 6 Manhattan” for dates, time, and place for the next meeting of the Land Use Committee.

The next meeting of the Committee is June 3 at the NYU Dental School at 345 East 24th Street and First Avenue in Room 614 A+B. This is the third of seven items to be on the agenda. For more information, contact: Dan Miner, district manager, CB6, at (212) 319-3750.

Joy Garland, ST

What about straphangers on Ave. C?

To the Editor:

In a recent issue, Town & Village ran a story that indicated that local area elected-officials support and advocate a new entrance to the L Train at Avenue A. I strongly oppose this idea, because money spent on this project by the MTA is money not spent on other more important needs and it is well-known that the MTA is cash-strapped.

If any new L Train station is built east of First Avenue, it should be built at Avenue C for the tens of thousands of residents near the river who currently are under-served.

Name withheld, ST

6 thoughts on “Letters to the Editor, May 28

  1. Re: Subway entrance at Avenue C:

    While it makes logical sense that the Avenue C area is under-served by subway service, that area presents significant logistical complexity because the tunnel enters the East River near that point. The L train begins it’s decent under the river as it leaves the 1st Avenue station, however that station already spans to Avenue A. The construction job of adding entrances is fairly simple because the station area already exists within the tunnel. OTOH, Avenue C is adjacent to the Con Ed generating plant, and there are a maze of underground cables and steam conduits below the surface in that area. Trying to dig around them and tunnel through the bedrock down to the existing subway tunnel would be extraordinarily expensive and time consuming. It would make more sense to increase bus service and/or explore alternative cross town systems like light rail.

    One only needs to look at the progress of the 2nd Avenue Subway project and extrapolate a time/cost line from that fiasco.

  2. Agree whole heartedly with Joy Garland’s letter about using the Brookdale site for senior housing. It should have been there 20 years ago to serve The Greatest Generation as they aged, and could now serve those that remain if necessary, and the current senior population as well.

  3. Re: Letter by Mr. John M. Giannone

    Two comments . . .

    (1) FDR knew how to deal with Stalin. He somehow manipulated Stalin into reopening the Russian Orthodox churches and had two Archbishops who had been in prison for two decades. Remember that se and the USSR were allies under their relationship. Then when FDR died… Truman… And then the Dulles Brothers (who neither understood Russia or Stalin) with the help of Winston Churchill really began the half century Cold War. If FDR remained, he would have known how to deal with Stalin. (And, yes Stalin was a paranoid mass murderer.)

    We had nuclear weapons in Turkey and could have blasted Moscow off the map. So, when Fidel came to power, his allowing nukes there was tit for tat. JFK resolved this potential global holocaust by agreeing to remove his nukes in Turkey.

    (2) As far as our most recent incursion into Iraq… Remember that North Korea had and has nuclear weapons and no oil. Iraq had plenty of oil. And “President Cheney” with the assistance of “W” was connected to Halliburton which was the main beneficiary of the toppling of Saddam Hussein leaving a vacuum … and eventually now ISIS>

    Also, wars are rarely fought for freedom or to bring Western democracy to other parts of the world.. Just follow the money … as we sacrifice the lives of many and some how the hawks somehow almost never serve,


      It should have written (First paragraph, 2nd sentence): “FDR … had two Archbishops who had been in prison for two decades RELEASED.”

      And. also FDR had Stalin reopened all churches, synagogues and mosques. And the USSR is officially an atheist country.

      We have worked with many brutal dictators before and continue to do so.

  4. Greedy developers like Ben Shaoul have no heart and no soul. They really are a waste of space on this earth as they contribute nothing to humanity. They only take. Their mothers should have been fixed.

    • “Vickie,” And we all end up dead. Mean longevity for American males = 78; for females = 81. Suggestion: the greed mongers should reach for higher values which lead to a greater good for all humanity.

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