Man down on First Avenue and 16th Street

By Sabina Mollot

Two Town & Village readers alerted us this week that on Monday night, Stuyvesant Town residents who live on East 16th Street and First Avenue got a frightening sight when coming home.

One resident walking by said he saw a man lying on the ground, bleeding. The resident was told by other people at the scene that the man had fallen, but, he added, it seemed like a lot of blood for a fall. He added that an EMS team and cops came, gave him CPR for five minutes before putting him on a stretcher and continuing CPR while putting him in the ambulance.

Another resident said both police officers and Stuy Town’s Public Safety officers were present at the scene.

According to a spokesperson for the FDNY, the department had gotten a call at 5:40 p.m. about a man suffering from a cardiac arrest and respiratory arrest. The man, whose age and name the spokesperson said he didn’t know, was bleeding from the nose and mouth and was unconscious. He said there was no hospital transport on record.

The NYPD’s Deputy Commissioner of Public Information had no information on the incident, explaining that the DCPI doesn’t always get information on aided cases. A spokesperson for CWCapital declined to comment since it was a medical issue.

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