UPDATED: Man tries to rape woman in her Stuyvesant Town building

Surveillance photos of suspect

Surveillance photos of suspect

By Sabina Mollot

Police are on the lookout for a man who tried to rape a woman on Saturday. Police reported the neighborhood, but not the address as Gramercy. However, according to the ST-PCV Tenants Association, the incident occurred in Stuyvesant Town at 245 Avenue C.

Cops said it was around 3:30 a.m., when a man followed the victim into her apartment building and tried to rape her in the vestibule. The 25-year-old woman was able to fight off the suspect and get away.

She refused medical attention on scene, police said.

The suspect is described as black, 5’8″ tall, weighing 170 pounds wearing blue jeans, white sneakers and a dark jacket with the Adidas symbol on the back and with the word Adidas in large lettering on the hood.

Police managed to get some surveillance photos of the suspect breezing into the woman’s building.

Anyone with information in regards to this incident is asked to call the NYPD’s Crime Stoppers Hotline at 800-577-TIPS or submit their tips online at nypdcrimstoppers.com or text their tips to 274637(CRIMES) then enter TIP577.

Town & Village reached out to the NYPD’s Deputy Commissioner of Public Information to ask why crimes occurring in Stuyvesant Town have at times been referred to as “Gramercy” and haven’t included an address.

A spokesperson said he could only speculate that this was how the information was provided by the victims or the detectives working on the case. This case is being handled by the Special Victims Squad. However, he also noted that in this case, Stuyvesant Town was withheld because it’s the address of the victim of a sex crime. “We don’t mention the address of the victim, especially the victim of a sex crime,” he said, adding, “Stuyvesant Town is in the Gramercy section of Manhattan.”

When told that the withholding of this information has led some residents of the community to wonder if it’s being done as a favor for Stuy Town management, lest the place look bad to potential renters, the spokesperson denied this. “It’s without any malicious intent, I can guarantee you that,” he said.

This post has been updated to add information from the ST-PCV Tenants Association and the DCPI.

25 thoughts on “UPDATED: Man tries to rape woman in her Stuyvesant Town building

  1. This took place in either Stuyvesant Town or PCV. Why are you covering up the real location of the crime? I think that is very unethical.

  2. It took place in a Stuy Town building on Ave C. For some reason, we suddenly become “Gramercy Park” whenever criminal activity occurs in Stuyvesant Town. Maybe management and the 13th precinct have an understanding.

  3. This erroneous reporting must piss off the people in Gramercy. They pride themselves on having a high-class neighborhood, not a squalid, badly run dorm like this dump is.

  4. The cops at the 13th Pct are not so dumb as to think that Avenue C and 14th Street is Gramercy. Obviously, somebody there is on the take from CR and that is corruption and should be investigated. This is not the first time this has happened. Are you taking note, Daniel Garodnick? This is on your watch.

  5. If this pervert strikes again on this property, and his victim had no way of knowing there was such a criminal on the loose here, I think that Compass Rock, Security and the 13th Precinct would be culpable for trying to hide the fact that there was a dangerous person stalking this area. I’m sure that would invite some possible criminal charges against those responsible for the cover up and certainly some major civil law suits. If my daughter got hurt because of the underhanded tactics of this sleazy management and buyable police contacts, I would sue them from here to West Hell!

  6. We’re not asking and we don’t want NYPD to give out addresses. That’s not the point.

    Yes, Stuy Town technically lies in Gramercy’s boundaries but only the 13th Precinct and Airb&b hosts refer to ST-PCV as “Gramercy.” To us residents of ST-PC, the rest of NYC and the world, we are Stuy Town. You would think the NYPD, assuming they’re publishing these reports to alert the citizenry of particular neighbors of possible threats, would want to be as specific as possible about which Gramercy neighborhoods (Union Square? Kips Bay? Gramercy Park? Peter Cooper? Stuy Town?) are threatened without violating victims’ privacy. Thanks to the NYPD and the technically accurate while absolutely misleading blog headline, residents of ST-PCV will have no clue that this attempt happened in our community unless the link to the story and read the comments.

    I second DON’T EVER CALL ME BRO’s request that the headline be updated.

  7. If an incident like this—or any incident—happened in my building, I’d want to know right away. The police and management should have put up notices in the buildings in the area and on the street. That was done last year when women were being attacked in the East Village (accurate name). How else can people be jolted out of their complacency?

  8. CR has posted the perp’s picture and contact numbers to call, today, by my building’s elevators. Guess they heard the wave on this issue on FB, the article and the comments on the T&V blog, the STR blog and Twitter.

  9. This is total nonsense by the NYPD. The NYC GIS map clearly identifies all city neighborhoods. see http://maps.nyc.gov/doitt/nycitymap/

    When you zoom to the neighborhood view, all the neighborhoods are clearly labeled.

    You’re seeing government corruption at it’s finest.;

    • Good catch, Anonymoose. So why is the 13th precinct inaccurately referring to criminal activity in ST as being in “Gramercy?” The earlier answer by the NYPD spokesperson to the T&V’s question was sidesteppingly inadequate. Who in the NYPD or city gov’t is responsible for this policy and why?

      • Maybe this should be brought to the attention of Commissioner Bratton. There is definitely some deliberate cover-up involved here between CR and NYPD at 13th Pct. The same thing happened when Rose was the management, so maybe there is an ongoing “understanding.” Back in the day when Met ran the place, before the TS rape, crimes committed in STPCV were reported as such. There’s a major league sleaze and greed factor at play here.

  10. I notice when something bad happens, management is never available for comment. Bunch of sleazy grifters.

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  12. By the “TS rape” I mean the TS takeover of the property. Rape was a bad choice of word.

    Incidentally, the notice that was posted in the vestibule of my building said the guy exposed himself. Didn’t say anything about attempted rape. Pervs who expose themselves are all over the place and are sickos who are not necessarily rapists, but I suspect this guy did much more than “flash” the young lady. I suspect there was some serious physical aggression involved and THAT is what we need to know about.

    I wonder if we should stand outside the Leasing Office and hand out flyers? I remember when we had a rape in ST several years ago and the Guardian Angels were out on 14th Street handing out flyers. We are going back to the days of crime on the property, but we don’t have a management who gives a damn about anything but the bottom line. I wonder how many more crimes have been committed here and covered up? Probably a lot more than management would care to have us know about. Public Safety are sworn to secrecy at the risk of losing their jobs. That is something I know for sure.

  13. This bastard has been doing this crap for a long time and getting away with it. My sibllings and I are personally pursuing a case against him for financial and physical elder abuse against our elderly mom. For this black sheep of the family… I hope someone Lorena Bobbit’s his a$$.

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