About that kitten abandoned in a Stuy Town closet

Stevie is doing well in a new home in Stuyvesant Town. (Photo by Marilyn Pascarelli)

Stevie is doing well in a new home in Stuyvesant Town. (Photo by Marilyn Pascarelli)

By Sabina Mollot

Last month, Town & Village ran a story about a mom in Peter Cooper Village who spent nearly a year in an apartment made unlivable by a group of around 15 squatters who lived directly above her family. Along with being a noisy, rowdy and vindictive lot, the upstairs neighbors were also cruel, abandoning their pet kitten in a locked closet. As T&V also noted at the time, the now nine-month-old calico has since been placed in a new home.

This week, we chatted with popular Stuy Town pet sitter Linda Ayache, for whom the lucky feline, named Stevie, is a charge.

“She’s adjusting well,” said Ayache. “She’s in a loving home. She’s going to be fed all the time and taken care of. I’m thrilled.”

(Stevie is named after the singer Stevie Nicks, with the name having been given to her by her rescuer, Marilyn Pascarelli of City Critters.)

The kitten has also been given her shots, tested negative for various feline health conditions and has been fixed. Her owners, who live in Stuyvesant Town, are also friends of Ayache’s. She didn’t want their names published in case Stevie’s old owners are delusional enough to try and get her back.

After they were evicted, Pascarelli had suggested that management call the authorities about the abandonment, but the former residents, who skipped before the marshal came, couldn’t be reached. Their cell phones had been disconnected.

The family that has since adopted Stevie includes another cat, who’s male, “so she’s already making trouble for the boy,” said Ayache. The family currently has multiple cats, all rescues.

Police arrest Con Ed employee for ax attacks, stabbing

A weapon allegedly used by Trevial Terry (Photo courtesy of NYPD)

A weapon allegedly used by Trevial Terry (Photo courtesy of NYPD)

By Sabina Mollot

Police have arrested a Con Ed employee who allegedly attacked three people on Monday afternoon, including the mother of his child, using an ax.

Trevial Terry, 40, who lives at 580 St. Nicholas Avenue in Harlem, is accused of stabbing the 35-year-old mother of his child at 135 East 64th Street. Officers, when arriving at the scene found the victim in the building’s vestibule bleeding from multiple stab wounds in her stomach and back. She told them that Terry had approached her, pushed her into the building’s vestibule and then stabbed her. She was taken to New York Presbyterian Hospital in serious but stable condition.

According to the Daily News, the victim was Alicia Sylvia, and the two were in the midst of a custody battle. She’d been attacked at the building where she works.

Then later, Terry walked into the Con Ed building at 4 Irving Plaza where he’s worked for the past 15 years. His title is commercial service representative for the Department of Energy Services. Once there he headed to the 10th floor office and allegedly pulled out an ax when he saw a 49-year-old colleague and struck him in the face with it. A witness, a 40-year-old man, tried to help the victim, but then was struck in the arm by Terry who police said was using a “pointed tip hammer.”

Terry then attempted to flee by running down the stairs and into the parking lot, where officers arrested him. According to the Daily News, the cops had help from employees who’d chased him out of the building. A Times story stated that when Terry entered the office, he’d asked for a supervisor but was told the supervisor was unavailable. The two victims were taken to Bellevue Hospital where they were both listed in stable condition. Terry was also taken to Bellevue Hospital in stable condition.

He’s been charged with three counts of attempted murder, six counts of assault and four counts of criminal possession of a weapon.

Allan Drury, a spokesperson for Con Ed, said he didn’t know what would make the longtime employee snap and that as far as he knew there had been no prior incidents involving Terry. He said the victims’ injuries were non-life threatening.

An NYPD spokesperson said Terry has no prior arrests, unless they’ve been sealed.

Investing in Stuyvesant Cove Park and planning for the community

Four members of the John Colianni Quintet at a previous concert at the Cove (Photo courtesy of Stuyvesant Cove Park Association)

Four members of the John Colianni Quintet at a previous concert at the Cove (Photo courtesy of Stuyvesant Cove Park Association)

By Jo-Ann Polise

The Stuyvesant Cove Park Association is stepping up again this year to help improve conditions at Stuyvesant Cove and to lure area residents to the river with a series of free outdoor concerts.

The concerts are offered free of charge to all and include a variety of styles including swing, jazz, blues and bluegrass as well as an evening of traditional Irish music and dance.

Plans for the annual series begin in March and among this year’s musicians are several past performers including John Colianni, the Rutkowski Family Trio, Sean Mahony and David Hershey-Webb. New to the roster are Jason Green and The Labor of Love, New Harvest and Niall O’Leary and friends.

I serve on the board of The SCPA and am the coordinator for the annual concert series. I met Jason Green when I went to hear another artist perform at an East Village restaurant. I spoke to the guitarist during the break and Jason Green and The Labor of Love will be opening the concert series later this month. In a similar fashion, fiddle player Clarence Ferrari was part of a group that performed last year and will be performing country and bluegrass with New Harvest in July.

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