About that kitten abandoned in a Stuy Town closet

Stevie is doing well in a new home in Stuyvesant Town. (Photo by Marilyn Pascarelli)

Stevie is doing well in a new home in Stuyvesant Town. (Photo by Marilyn Pascarelli)

By Sabina Mollot

Last month, Town & Village ran a story about a mom in Peter Cooper Village who spent nearly a year in an apartment made unlivable by a group of around 15 squatters who lived directly above her family. Along with being a noisy, rowdy and vindictive lot, the upstairs neighbors were also cruel, abandoning their pet kitten in a locked closet. As T&V also noted at the time, the now nine-month-old calico has since been placed in a new home.

This week, we chatted with popular Stuy Town pet sitter Linda Ayache, for whom the lucky feline, named Stevie, is a charge.

“She’s adjusting well,” said Ayache. “She’s in a loving home. She’s going to be fed all the time and taken care of. I’m thrilled.”

(Stevie is named after the singer Stevie Nicks, with the name having been given to her by her rescuer, Marilyn Pascarelli of City Critters.)

The kitten has also been given her shots, tested negative for various feline health conditions and has been fixed. Her owners, who live in Stuyvesant Town, are also friends of Ayache’s. She didn’t want their names published in case Stevie’s old owners are delusional enough to try and get her back.

After they were evicted, Pascarelli had suggested that management call the authorities about the abandonment, but the former residents, who skipped before the marshal came, couldn’t be reached. Their cell phones had been disconnected.

The family that has since adopted Stevie includes another cat, who’s male, “so she’s already making trouble for the boy,” said Ayache. The family currently has multiple cats, all rescues.

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  1. What kind of riff raff do they allow in here now? MetLife would never have stood for that! I can’t believe how low this place has sunk.

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