Traffic safety improvements underway in Stuyvesant Town

Speed bumps are put into place near the daycare center. (Photo courtesy of Dan Garodnick)

Speed bumps are put into place near the daycare center. (Photo courtesy of Dan Garodnick)

By Sabina Mollot

Stuyvesant Town residents will soon see $100,000 worth of traffic and pedestrian safety improvements made to the neighborhood.

Funds for the project were allocated last week, as part of the city budget, at the request of Council Member Dan Garodnick.

What exact improvements are going to be made has not yet been determined with Garodnick saying he wanted to have the Department of Transportation make its own recommendations. The goal, however is to make the cityscape surrounding the property more child and senior-friendly with smoother curb cuts (the slopes from sidewalks to the street on corners) and other changes aimed at minimizing car and bike accidents.

Increasing crossing times at street lights is a possibility, as are changes to the service roads. Last month, a Town & Village reader asked Garodnick, via a letter to this newspaper, to make the service roads safer. This was after witnessing a pedestrian dart out into one to catch a bus, only to get hit by a car.

“Pedestrians treat the service road as a semi-sidewalk, while drivers drive at full speed,” observed the writer, Joseph Sanderson.

Garodnick said he’s been in touch with Sanderson. “We’re looking at the safety issue on the service road and that could be a part of this potentially,” he said.

He added that he’s also heard from residents that some curb cuts are difficult to manage by people using walkers or pushing strollers.

Meanwhile, other changes aimed at pedestrian safety are already afoot within Stuyvesant Town.

The Council member noted how the recent move of the onsite daycare center from East 14th Street to the old management office building on Avenue C has led to a higher concentration of kids on Avenue C near the southbound entrance to the FDR Drive. Due to concerns over their safety, CompassRock was asked to implement its own safety measures along the Avenue C Loop — and management agreed.

“They responded almost immediately, which we are very grateful for,” said Garodnick.

Improvements include putting two speedbumps along the C Loop, installing “Caution: Children at Play” signage and painting the street outside the center yellow to prevent double parking. The speed bumps were put into place on Tuesday morning, while the painting was already done last Thursday and earlier in the week, Garodnick said he spotted at least one sign.

The improvements inside Stuy Town are being paid for by CompassRock/CWCapital, not the city.

4 thoughts on “Traffic safety improvements underway in Stuyvesant Town

  1. Let’s hope the curb cuts don’t become the typical mini swamps that make them impossible to be navigated by those who can’t jump over them.

  2. Was running today toward nthe East River Park in the Ave C loop, due to Con Ed repair work, at least 1/4 of the yellow painted section is gone due to the Con Ed contruction. Oh well, dig we must.

  3. Well the help one group and S**t on another ! For the longest time ST was allowing handicap (disabled) drivers with the correct plaque to park on the ave c circle where they just painted the whole side YELLOW. there are so few handicap spaces in ST and as a handicap driver i spend hours looking for a space sometimes any kind but especially a handicap near my home as I cannot walk far. Getting back to the story the day before they were going to paint the group yellow I had parked in that area, and I saw a security agent in the area giving tickets after 10pm so I asked him if I was ok, he said what pass I had and I told him I had both plaques he said your fine, you can park there. I did and what do you think happened the next morning I woke up to find a $15 dollar ticket on my windshield! Thank you Stuy Town security and Thank you management SARCASTICALLY) for looking after the handicap people here! (A big SARCASTIC GRIN!). Ever since all these spaces have been removed for the bicycles around the outside there has been less spaces for regular cars to park. I find that drivers from outside the development park here as well as handicap drivers park here as its more convenient for them. Maybe STPCV you could do what other places do and allocate handicap spots to the actual people that they should be used by since you actually control these circles! Even in that area that you closed for the children give us some handicap spaces or on the right hand side of the circles allocate a certain space for handicap after 10pm. As I say the cit y has ceded control of the circles to you so lets work together and make the place workable for every one. And you might even get some good press for once!

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