Letters to the Editor, Aug. 6

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Forty years at Peter Cooper Village, USA

August 1st marked four decades of my having lived at PCV. The management (MetLife) was the owner and operator in 1975. Careful screening was done as the waiting list was about 15 years. At that time, all aspects of PCV/ST were perfect.

And the resident manager Bill Potter was one of the finest and most sensitive persons I have ever known. The residents were mixed and included the famous and the middle class. Maintenance was 24/7. Perfecto except that my late wife thought that it looked like a city project.

Then about 12 years ago CEO Robert Benmosche decided to convert the developments to upscale. (From about $1,500 to over $5K.) As Manhattan has become the hot place to live in the U.S…. more $$$! The only significant advantage was an upgrade for the elevators.

Well, you know the rest… Affordable housing was on its way out in Manhattan. So, people convergent in algorithms were replacing the middle class.

Why does my title include the USA? When President Ronald Reagan was elected it was clear that this nation was concentrating on the mantra: greed is good. During the past 35 years union membership is now one third of what it was and the middle class is being squeezed as Fox and friends concentrates on what is supposedly a war on Christmas.

The Judeo-Christian ethic has been replaced by outrageous materialism. And, what has been done to PCV/ST is just a mere microcosm of the morphing of our nation to a new Gilded Age.

And Murdoch, allies and the Koch brothers now through the Citizens United SCOTUS decision have made the election of our politicians according to how much money they can raise. Is this what our founders envisioned?

The changes in PCV/ST are congruent with the changes in our nation since the end of WWII. Or was this period where the middle class shared in the wealth a mere aberration? Who know? But, we do know how flawed the human condition is and the disastrous results it can bring.

David Chowes, PCV

TA shouldn’t blame crime on young neighbors

To the Editor:

The writer of the letter “Young people not to blame for crime in ST” (T&V, July 23) makes an important point that the legal advisory committee to the Tenants Association should consider carefully. For too long, the PCVST Tenants Association and its directors and officers have consistently taken an anti-youth position.  However, the federal Fair Housing Act specifically prohibits discrimination in housing on account of age or family status.

By creating a hostile environment to young people, the Tenants Association risks very significant liability in a class action by young persons who may feel discouraged from renting in our community.

Housing discrimination – or the encouragement of housing discrimination – has no place in Stuyvesant Town.  The Tenants Association owes the young people of our city an apology and a clear statement that our community remains open to all.

Kindest regards,

Name withheld, ST

Enjoying the concerts at the Cove

Many thanks to Jo-Ann Polise for her energy-filled efforts in bringing us another wonderful series of free open air concerts during the month of July. Week after week we enjoyed the talents of several groups of entertainers. How lucky we are to have this right in our “own backyard.” It would be wonderful to have these concerts throughout the month of August also.

Kathleen S., PCV

I am writing to comment on what has been another wonderful and enjoyable Stuyvesant Cove Park Association Concert Series. Each year, the variety of talent and coordination of the programs by an energetic lady named Jo-Ann seems to get better and better. How lucky we are to have this free event each year… my only negative comment is that it is much too short. I wish it would continue through August.

Nancy Fuller

Put upon porters

Re: “Porters reassigned to cover more buildings,” T&V, July 30

How sad that CompassRock would take a perfectly good and functioning system for some specious reason that points right to bottom line greed.

As a longtime resident I cannot see what services are in such high demand on weekends. Just plain crummy to very hardworking porters.

Jim and Mary Travers

3 thoughts on “Letters to the Editor, Aug. 6

  1. I agree with you 100% Mr. Chowes. A virulent combination of political and corporate greed has destroyed our community and is raging across the nation like an out-of-control epidemic and is destroying the American middle class. The middle class seem to be the main target of this sickening disease and I don’t know how it can be curbed at this point. We live under an Oligarchy that feeds our corrupt politicians and that is a sure sign we are going backwards as a nation.

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