Kid on bike hits woman on PCV path

By Sabina Mollot

While normally the sight of speeding bikes in Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper is blamed on deliverymen from nearby restaurants, recently it was an eight-year-old child whose speeding resulted in an accident that left one woman in a cast.

The woman, a resident of Stuyvesant Town, said it was on July 13 at around 6 p.m. when she was walking her dog along a path in Peter Cooper near 541 East 20th Street and was knocked down from behind when a child on a bike crashed directly into her. Instinctively, she put out her arms to protect her head and ended up landing on them, fracturing her left wrist. Then, adding insult to injury, she said, was that the boy’s father berated her for being there. The woman, who asked that her name not be published, added that soon after she was hit, Public Safety officers were at the scene and when she gave her name and address to them, the boy’s father, a resident of PCV, asked what she was doing there.

“He said, in front of me, ‘You don’t belong here; you live in Stuyvesant Town,’” she said. She added that he initially resisted giving his own information to the officer, but ultimately admitted that when the accident occurred he was distracted by something on his phone. Meanwhile, the boy, she noticed was frozen in shock.

Fortunately, another man who lives nearby and saw her was friendlier, helping her into a cab so she could get treatment at NYU Langone Medical Center.

The woman, a longtime resident, said she contacted T&V for a couple of reasons. First, she said, she wants parents to make sure their kids’ bikes have bells or horns, and she also wants to make sure parents whose kids are learning to ride bikes actually do supervise them.

“If I was an older person, or a more frail person, I could have died,” she said. “This is a busy community.”

4 thoughts on “Kid on bike hits woman on PCV path

  1. Since when does PCV look down its nose at ST telling a PCVST resident they do not belong in part of the property? From where did this man get his segregation rule? Can PCV use the amenities in ST? Walk through ST? Use the Oval in ST? Have his kid play in ST? Does he think ST is the “poor door” and didn’t they get rid of that discrimination tactic?

    PCVST is one, all inclusive community. There is no more segregation here and we must be careful not to let any kind of segregation of race, class, income, religion, etc creep back in here.

    The negligent father on his phone is at fault and pointed blame at the woman who fell simply because she existed. Instead of reacting with anger and displacement of blame on the person who got hurt he could have taught his kid valuable life lessons on accountability, apologizing when you hurt someone, accidents happen and how to avoid them next time, how to help someone who is physically hurt, or comforted his kid who was shocked after he harmed someone. Two people were hurt, the kid and the woman, and the father thinks only of himself, making sure he is not blamed.

    He taught his kid to hurt, have no remorse, and blame the victim for getting in his way. The father could benefit from parenting lessons.

    T-Mac your blaming the innocent dog is worse than the father blaming the innocent woman.

    This only proves there is a bad attitude of entitlement and intolerance creeping into the community.

  2. I feel sorry for the lady who was knocked down. I hope the “father” at least has the decency to be willing to pay for her medical expenses, transportation to and from the hospital, damaged clothing and, of course, any harm done to the pooch. If he is not willing (and he sounds like your basic jerk), then she should get a lawyer and MAKE him do the right thing. The kid will probably grow up to be an entitled imbecile like his father and that’s a shame.

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