Killing our sacred cow

By Former Assemblyman Steven Sanders

Like millions of people around the world I was appalled by the murder of Cecil. Cecil, you will recall, was the African lion that was designated in a protected class of animals because of his majestic bearings as well as to protect the species from extinction. Cecil by all accounts was a very intelligent animal with impulses and emotions. He was pursued and killed by an American hunter. He was first wounded by a high tech bow and arrow with a telescopic sight, and then put to death with a rifle. Cecil was murdered.

The ecstatic American hunter then posed next to his murdered prey smiling ear to ear. He could not have been happier at having callously snuffed out the life of another living being. What a sad spectacle. This kill was not done for any other reason than it gave the hunter pleasure to track and destroy this animal. He gave no thought to the suffering that he was inflicting. It was all about his own twisted lethal pleasure.

So ask yourself, how far removed are those animal hunters from persons who stalk human victims and derive sick pleasure from killing them, and often many at one time? As far as I am aware only the human species, the most “advanced” and evolved form of life on planet earth, kills not for food or protection but for sheer thrills. Makes you wonder about Darwin’s theory of evolution.

I realize that in parts of this country hunting is as American as apple pie. It is politically our sacred cow. But so was slavery once upon a time. Violence and killing seems to be ingrained in our culture. Just look at the media or the video games being pedaled to our children. Those “games” are simulated interactive violence intended to replicate as closely as possible the real thing. So why are we surprised when James Holmes goes into a Colorado theater and kills a dozen people, or when Dylann Roof calmly murders members of a Baptist church in Charleston, or Adam Lanza massacres twenty small children in a Newton, Connecticut school? Or David Conley who last week was accused of shooting to death six children and two adults in Houston Texas… and on and on and on again. These atrocities and so many more were easily accomplished with a firearm.

One of the arguments as to why we just cannot rid ourselves of these guns is the need to protect the rights of hunters. Apparently their right to go out and just kill animals because it pleases them is sacrosanct. It prevents us from limiting the volume and the availability of high powered rifles and other types of guns. Yes, that is our higher calling. Put the lives of our neighbors at risk so that we can uphold the rights of hunters.

I understand that at times there may be a need to control the animal herd population. And perhaps some people need to hunt for sustenance, although very few if anybody must hunt for their next meal, at least not in this blessed nation.

Why then can we not give up our addiction to hunting as a “sport?” It is, after all, just the killing of innocent and thinking beings. And tragically it also creates excuses not to legislate effective gun control. Killing animals with such indifference desensitizes people to violence and needless suffering. It makes it easier to kill human beings for revenge or just for the psychotic rush. But instead we glorify violence through the mass media and revel in our guns. So why are we surprised when unstable individuals easily acquire firearms and use them to murder and maim?

Hunting and killing innocent animals is a manifestation of our culture’s embrace and even promotion of the thrill of the kill. I think it is barbaric and puts the rest of us in danger.

13 thoughts on “Killing our sacred cow

  1. That is an excellent editorial, Mr. Sanders. It is sickening and disgusting what cruelty humans inflict on animals in the name of “sport,” “entertainment” and even those animals we slaughter to eat are subjected to the most horrific “living” conditions and deaths.

    I believe it is a well documented fact that people who inflict pain and suffering on animals are very likely to do the same thing to humans. There seems to be a sociopathic gene in some people, though I know that is a rather controversial thing to say. But I said it and I believe it.

    The dentist who murdered Cecil must be a truly horrible human being. I wonder if he enjoyed hurting patients, especially the most defenseless of them? I think his professional life is pretty much over and I have no sympathy for him.

    Didn’t Gandhi say something to the effect of how we treat our animals is an indication of how far we’ve come as a civilization? I think we still have a long, long way to go.

  2. So, lets see if I got this right. According to Steve Sanders killing lions (who would kill you given the chance) is bad. Killing millions of babies (via abortion) is good. It just doesn’t get any dumber than that. Hypocritical much there Steve. T&V shouldn’t print a single word this dolt writes.

  3. What the hell is this doing in a PCVST blog? What is the relevancy?

    This is akin to shopping for shoes in a fish market.

  4. Quite a few editorials are not related to PCVST and I don’t hear anybody complaining. I think this was a good editorial. There is a world outside of this place, you know.

    I don’t know what the comment about abortion was all about. That was ridiculous.

    • Let me make it simple for you (I’ll try and type slower so you can understand). Steve Sanders is pro choice and recently wrote that he felt that planned parenthood should continue to receive taxpayer funding. Got that so far? Planned parenthood has killed over 50 million babies (then apparently sold the bodies for a profit). Still with me? Then a dentist killed one lion and Steve is appalled and wants all guns taken away. Understand? Now lets make a connection between the two things…..Steve is OK with killing 50 million (innocent, harmless) babies but has a huge problem with a hunter killing one (deadly, harmful) lion. I assume you will never see the hypocrisy in this as I tend to think you agree with Steve. If so, then shame on you too!

      • Abortion is a medical procedure that carried out, in most cases, for legitimate medical reasons. It is not carried out for sport or entertainment. A woman has the right to choose. That’s the way it is and that’s the way it should be. Senseless killing of animals for sport or entertainment has nothing to do with the issue of abortion, so leave women’s health issues out of it.

        If you are serious about your views, use your real name and don’t hide behind a stupid name like “Slash.” I doubt you will do that though, because I suspect you are a vicious troll.

      • Talk about ridiculous! Your first sentence is a blatant lie. Your second sentence is just untrue. The rest is just plain stupid. The vast majority of abortions have absolutely nothing to do with the mothers health according to planned parenthood, FYI!

        How do you know Slash isn’t my real name? Maybe my real name was Frances Clarke but I had it legally changed because that name was too embarrassing or maybe other people confused me with you!

  5. Slash, you’re an idiot. I’m not interested in your views on abortion.

    If we’re going to get personal, maybe the legalization of abortion took business off your mother’s kitchen table and that is what has you riled. There, I stooped to your level. Happy?

    • Obviously your parents supported partial birth abortion. Only they weren’t very bright so they just took your brain.

      • Good for the goose good for the gander. Read the comments again and you will see Frances fired the first shot when she called my comment ridiculous. Your reaction is like a referee in hockey who only sees the retaliation but not the cause of the problem. Only difference is the referee doesn’t have the whole argument laid out before him when he makes his call. Ban me if you choose but I will continue to defend myself. Your bias is clearly showing!

  6. I said some mean things to Slash and apologize. Can we just agree to disagree on the subject of abortion?
    The article was about the senseless killing of Cecile, the lion, and the heartless cruelty to animals in the name of sport. I am very, very much against cruelty to animals and believe it sets the grounding for cruelty to humans and that is born out by the fact that all serial killers and abusers of children, elderly, and infirm people had a history of cruelty to animals. There is a need in some people to inflict pain on the helpless.
    I certainly don’t approve of abortion for trifling reasons, but sometimes it is a necessity to save a woman’s life or health or to avoid bringing a seriously stricken child into the world only to suffer with no hope of a cure. I respect the views of anti-abortion people, but I don’t the issue is “black and white” (no racial inference here!); there are many extenuating circumstances.

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