Resident randomly punched in Peter Cooper Village

By Sabina Mollot

Recently, a Peter Cooper resident was punched in the face in a random assault as he was out walking his dog on the property. The resident, who didn’t want his name published, told Town & Village last week about the incident, which happened on July 21, when he strolled past a man who was sitting on a bench.

In a swift move, the man, who appeared to be in his 20s, got up and punched the resident in the face, knocking off and breaking his glasses in the process. The resident also fell backwards and dropped his dog’s leash, and the pooch went running. “There were eight people there and no one helped me up,” he recalled, although at that point, one neighbor did follow the attacker, who had fled the area towards 511 East 20th Street. There, he got onto a bike that had been leaning on a fence and pedaled away towards the gas station under the FDR Drive.

The resident said he is now fine, having only gotten a few cuts from the scuffle, and the dog fortunately didn’t get too far away after the incident.

The victim described the suspect as Hispanic, about 5 ft. 5 ins. tall and slim except for a beer gut, and had puffy hair. He was wearing all green, including a camouflage shirt. The resident also suspects the man was under some sort of influence. “He was clearly a crazy person. He looked like his eyes were popping out,” he said. “He was definitely not a resident.”

7 thoughts on “Resident randomly punched in Peter Cooper Village

  1. Not only is the crime rate in New York on the rise, but so is the crime rate in PCVST. Back in the day when MetLife ran the property as a middle class residential property (not a dorm/transient overpriced hostel) although the crime rate was very high in the immediate neighborhood, the grounds of PCVST were very safe. Reason? We had real Security. Boots on the ground and plenty of patrols. We now have cameras that were installed only to comply with NYU rules and to squeeze an MCI out of us. Unfortunately, those cameras are never, or seldom, watched. “Public Safety” sits in the vehicles reading their smart phones, or stands around outside their office doing same. Their numbers have been cut to the bone and they are really only for show so that the Flyoverland parents will think their offspring are living in a safe place.

    It is dangerous to walk around the property for many reasons: speeding cyclists, large dogs that are being walked by people from outside the property and vagrants sleeping on the benches. The quality of life has not improved one iota since the property was taken over by the incompetent and greedy Compass Rock. In fact, the quality of life has nose-dived. The charlatans in the Leasing Office are the biggest liars on the planet; they are as phony as the photoshopped posters in the LO window.

  2. More proof that dogs don’t belong here.

    And… Eight people saw this go down, and not one of them could take down a 5’5″ perp? What kind of people are they renting to nowadays? Don’t answer, we already know…

    This never would have happened in the Bill Potter days, when NYPD/NYFD applicants were pushed to the head of the waiting list.

  3. It’s got nothing to do with dogs and everything to do with lack of security and a sleazy and incompetent landlord.

  4. Re: Above to comments by “Vickie”

    I fully agree with your two posts. During the years of high crime and the seemingly destruction of New York City during the 1980s, New York Magazine reported PCV/ST as the safest area in the city.

    Now as the two developments have gone upscale the entire community has morphed from family oriented to not being able to rent apartments at >$5K, students from NYU and other colleges have been packed into apartments which used to have families. The change to Mayor Bill de Blasio and the evolving demographics of PCV/ST have been responsible (in part) for these negative changes.

    • To me, there is NOTHING upscale about this place. It is going down the toilet, flush by flush, all the time. The level of corruption in City Hall would make Boss Tweed blush! I just hope that Preet Bharara drags these lowlifes out by their short hairs and that he does it soon. I have lived here most of my life and when I see what happened as the result of corruption, greed and sheer incompetence and the affect that has had on good people’s lives, I want nothing short of witnessing a day of reckoning for these filthy crooks.

      The corrupt politicians of NYC are far and beyond worse than those of any other place on this planet, including New Orleans, Accra and any other sleazy, dirty politician-run hell-hole you can think of! I think that John Gotti had a better moral code than anybody occupying a seat in City Hall today!

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