Letters to the editor, Aug. 27


Sick of rowdy drunks that barrel though ST

In the wee hours of Sunday morning, August 16, from about 4 a.m. until well past 5 a.m., a drunken brawl broke out among ten pub crawling twenty-somethings in front of Playground 10 and the Oval fountain and near 19 Stuyvesant Oval.

“He punched me. He punched me. He punched me,” screamed one drunk female victim again and again at the top of her lungs.

Eventually responding to the shouting and cursing in two different areas, two security officers meandered to the scene and tried their best at drunken crowd control. They were not very effective! The scene went on for a very long time and must have prematurely awakened much of the previously sleeping community.

This pub crawling activity occurs every weekend and holiday on our transitioning “college campus” and security and management and ownership (although now mentioning a line on being good neighbors in the list of suggestions for new tenants), has done nothing despite many and frequent complaints to act in a proactive, substantial manner. They need to stem the tide of drunken rowdy behavior by the twenty somethings that now rule the night.

Do we have a large enough security force on the night shift? Do they have the necessary mandate and willingness to enforce disturbing the peace rules and regulations? Does security have the training and ability to move these unruly tenants along or have them arrested? If you can’t do the job, call in the NYPD and set the tone for the next drunken lot to appear next weekend.

Perhaps some readers have missed out on this nightly occurrence of shouting, cursing, singing, chanting, hosting outdoor parties from 3:30 to 5 a.m. every weekend and holiday. Let’s set a precedent, make some arrests, evict some of these tenants and let’s take back our law-abiding, courteous tenant population.

Name withheld, ST

Gun laws must be strengthened

Re: Steven Sanders’ Politics & Tidbits column, “Killing our sacred cow,” T&V, Aug. 13

Dear Mr. Sanders,

America has and continues to have an insane vigilante mentality.

I was born in Nashville, Tennessee, but have lived in NYC since the 60s. On September 19, 1979 at 10:30 p.m., I was in a parked car in front of my building. My date and I were robbed at gunpoint. The man demanded our valuables and fled on foot. I subsequently discovered that every merchant in the area had been robbed. The dry-cleaner, stationery store, etc.

The amendment to the constitution must be changed. Enough of the “right to bear arms”! We are not living in the 1700s! There is no insurrection of civil war going on.

Limit access to ammunition. People are not using automatic weapons to hunt animals, but each other. In case you haven’t noticed, not one single presidential candidate has mentioned gun control. Obviously, the right to legal abortion is in jeopardy. But murdering your neighbors, friends and family is protected by the U.S. Constitution.

Reagan almost lost his life but would not come out against the NRA. Is America so afraid of the NRA that we will lose the right to life, liberty and happiness? Perhaps the gun huggers think that murder is one of population control theories of Malthus.

Pauline Gilbert-Bader, Upper East Side

3 thoughts on “Letters to the editor, Aug. 27

  1. “Sick of rowdy drunks that barrel though ST”

    Spot on for all your letter points. 911 for NYPD should have been called as well since there was not only noise but fights going on. I hate these drunken entitled Bro/OMG herds that have taken over here.

  2. Friday and Saturday nights are horrible for the raucous screechy girls and braying bro-herds staggering their way home. This is one of the reasons why it is a total insult to non-student tenants to turn the property into a dorm. Also, I question the legality of turning rent stabilized property into a student dorm.

    Definitely 911 should be called when these drunken jerk-offs are fighting.


  3. Totally agree with the letter concerning the drunken pests who wake us up in the early hours on weekends and holidays. I’ve heard them many times and sometimes it sounds very violent. I’ve been tempted to call the cops sometimes, but as it isn’t always possible to see the altercation and pinpoint exactly where it is, I have not called them.

    I think our Public Safety force should be beefed up and the NYPD from the 13th Pct should patrol (in cars, of course, wouldn’t expect them to walk!) the property during the very late night/early morning hours. Most of the disturbance seems to occur around 2 AM. I think it is inevitable that at some point there will be a gun or knife involved in one of these altercations and our PS are not equipped to deal with that. I’m not inferring that the students are armed, but the lowlifes they party and brawl with in the adjacent neighborhood probably are. Stuyvesant Town has become a very dangerous place lately and those useless, unwatched “security” cameras do nothing! We need a real police presence here at this point.

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