Letters to the Editor, Sept. 3

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Enforcement needed on rowdiness in ST

In response to the “Sick of rowdy drunks barreling through ST” letter writer (T&V, Aug. 27): You need look no further than Vamos! where the music blasts through open doors and windows to know that ST/PCV management is not serious about the community noise policy noted in the September Community Update brochure.

Either the policy does not apply to their commercial tenants or they assume everyone has air conditioning and so, with windows closed, the racket will not bother them. But the “community” is much larger than just Stuy Town and Peter Cooper and perhaps CWCapital could show a little courtesy to the other surrounding buildings and passers-by that are well within hearing of this intrusive noise.

As for the drunks who stumble through Stuyvesant Town? Now that the weather is cooling, air conditioners will be turned off and windows will be opened, we can all look forward to suffering the full impact of the lack of patrols through the complex. This reduction in patrols seems to have coincided with the installation of the cameras around the properties several years ago but what good is watching problems unfold at the multi-screen, state of the art security office if there are no security officers on the spot to address them?

It’s time to put security officers/vehicles at the entrances to ST/PCV so that those rowdy, inconsiderate tenants can be stopped, quieted and if necessary, escorted to their buildings in silence, and yes, even evicted if they prove to be repeat offenders. Anyone not able to prove residency should be turned away.

As for the remaining information in the September Community Update brochure… since noise has been associated with sleep disturbance, cognitive impairment in children, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease, offering any health-related programs is a joke.

J. Polise, ST

Trump gaining followers for specific plans

Messrs. Hagedorn and Sanders both write about Donald Trump in your August 27 issue. Two points are not mentioned that give Trump such a strong following. One is that Trump will self-finance his campaign. He will not have to bow to the interests of large contributors. The other is that he has been early to recognize that immigration will be the dominant issue in the next presidential election.

Obama’s flooding of our country with illegal immigrants has made our citizens very aware of the negative impact illegal immigrants have on our schools, our hospitals, our public safety, the amount our low and moderately skilled citizens can earn, and the quality of life in our neighborhoods. Trump recognizes that the position of the quiet majority on illegal immigration has changed. He has been the leader in boldly speaking out on this issue. His words are not typical politicians’ vague statements. He is specific. That is attractive to voters.

Trump also recognizes the old-saw that the election can’t be won without the Hispanic vote has died. Obama’s immigration policy and sanctuary cities killed it. Moderate and independent non-Hispanic voters are now tired of Obama’s immigration policy and sanctuary cities. So are Hispanic voters who came here legally.


Floyd Smith, PCV

Washing machine woes

To the Editor:

We have been waiting for months for the “new” washers and dryers to be installed in Stuyvesant Town. Well, finally they were installed, except that the washers aren’t new, but are used ones that, apparently, were rotated out of other buildings. On day one, two went out of service and one more has a broken door.

Oh, and one other item: the cost to use these “new” machines have risen by 25 cents.

How can this be? Next steps, explanation?

Donald W. Burkett ST

The high cost of bed bugs

Re: “The bed bug diaries,” T&V, Aug. 27

Horrifying story having witnessed a massive cleanup in our building. Neighbors had to vacate and treat the apartment and some employers refused to allow them to come to work for at least two weeks. Thanks for detailing the expense to the tenant. We would have to take our $9,000 to $20,000 and walk away from our life and possessions in Stuy Town, leaving CompassRock with a nice two-bedroom apartment to rent.


Mary Travers, ST

6 thoughts on “Letters to the Editor, Sept. 3

  1. Re: Bed Bugs. A lot of people just won’t report that they have the pests, but will try to treat them themselves, with varying degrees of success. They will do this because of the perfidious and inhumane treatment that people with this problem receive from CWC. Let’s not forget that CWC encourages bed bugs (as well as many other blights on the quality of our lives) by allowing transients and AirbnB people to operate with impunity on the property.

  2. Floyd Smith writes that President Obama has flooded the country with illegal immigrants, but the facts speak otherwise. According to Pew Research illegal immigration under:

    GHW Bush grew from 3.5 million to approx 5 million (1989-1993)
    Bill Clinton, 5 million to 9.4 million (1993-2001)
    GW Bush 9.4 million to 11.3 million (2001-2009)

    Under President Obama’s administration, the illegal immigrant population has essentially stabilized at 11.3 million.


    But Mr. Trump would be very happy to feed you a steady diet of lies and misinformation so you can elect him for the fraud that he is.

  3. Re: Mr. Trump

    Mr./Ms. “Anonymous,” Yes, your comment about the stabilization of immigration from Mexico has held constant during both the Bush and Obama presidencies.

    Trump appeals to the uneducated proletariat (who have nothing in common with him). He makes all sorts of statements and when asked for documentation, he usually responds something like, I’ll get that information for you later … as we all still wait… The middle and lower classes believe in the American dream and so identify with him.

    No one is allowed to be critical of him as he brutally attacks all who make criticisms of him and even those who have don’t.

    He attacked Fox News’ Megyn Kelly for asking the kinds of questions which are pro forma un a debate for a person running for the most important position in the world.

    Then on this past Thursday he was a guest on the respected conservative Hugh Hewitt syndicated radio program. Hewitt asked about foreign affairs and Trump knew nothing. Trump said that he knew little on the subject but, after the first day in office he would learn HUGELY more than anyone else. He later commented that conservative Hewitt was asking him “got you” questions. Really?

    He claims and brags about having $10B (which I doubt) and never mentions that he inherited the Trump Company from his father, a prominent real estate mogul who died about a decade ago.

    I have followed politics since the two Eisenhower/Stevenson races in the 1950s … and two vulgar and ignorant persons stand out: Sarah Celebrity and the Donald. He knows the art of the deal but is unable to deal with the complexities of domestic and geopolitical affairs.

    His history shows that he was a Democrat for many years … and all of a sudden, he has become a Conservative Republican.

    To understand Mr. Trump. go to the American Psychiatric Association’s “bible” of mental disorders *the DSM 5) and review the section on personality disorders and you will realize that he has the symptoms of many of them.

    He is not a Conservative Republican or Liberal Democrat. He is only a member of his own party: the Egomaniac Party. He is no patriot. Persons like Sarah Palin and the Donald are destroying our democratic republic.

    And, should he become president, a major task is diplomacy (which all must agree he lacks to the max) and let me add he will have access to all of our nuclear weapons.

    Something that would be quite dangerous.

  4. 435 E. 14 is infested with bedbugs on 10th, 11th and 12th floors. Tenants say management is being less than sympathetic and supportive.

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