Letters to the editor, Sept. 17

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Please, kind landlord, spare these trees

To the Editor:

On Friday morning, the 11th of September, my wife and I exited our building on the M level to find an utterly awful sight: a gutted oak tree. It was one of the two live remaining oaks adjoining the area previously set aside for plant deliveries and the storage of granite blocks — and now, unintended, for a doggie-walk area. One oak now remains. Given its natural and its over-pruned condition, it is a prime candidate for “scientific” removal.

Most of the canopy trees in our area are either oaks or London Plains. The canopy trees are under attack. The attack has come in two distinct forms. The first is nature itself; the second is management and Bartlett Scientific. Each acts perfectly within its own right, and comes, as we should expect, with tons of assurances. Management, I was told by the driver of the Bartlett truck, points out the tree to be cut and Bartlett applies the coup de grace — done scientifically of course!

Over the years, our canopy trees have been pruned scientifically to now resemble those one finds in depictions of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (and Ichabod Crane’s frantic rush to escape the horror of a decapitated Major Andre). The branches of our American plane trees /American sycamore and those of the oak have been so aggressively pruned that they now loom hunched, emaciated with all limbs pointing skyward — the silent victims of decisions and actions done professionally and “in their best interests.”

Stump of a tree chopped down last week

Stump of a tree chopped down last week

The danger for we who rent here is the gradual loss of the shade and cooling effect that these trees have provided. When left to nature’s own way, these trees grow up to 90 feet and have a spread of up to 70 feet (the spread is less for the oaks). The imported ornamental trees have neither the height nor the breadth and provide no such cooling effect. Unlike the permanent residence of the American plane and oak trees, these trees serve other interests (local and out-of-state).

When I asked the driver of the Bartlett thingamajig about the tree, I was told that the tree was dead. Now you can bet, when management and the scientific folks tell the rest of us that trees (there have been many instances) with green leaves are dead, that explanation is most certainly not rooted in the interests of tree care. “Tree care” is merely the facade.

We who rent here may not have the physical muster to prevent the wanton destruction by expert/scientific pruning of our canopy, but it is our responsibility to care for that which is life itself.

John M. Giannone and Sandra Linn, ST

Nuisance neighbors are not unique to ST

To the Editor:

I bought a 360-square-foot cabana on LI. It was converted from motel to co-op decades ago. There are 20 units in the motel, ten above, ten below. There are also five individual cottages on the property to total 25 shareholders. One shareholder lives in a cottage full time. Three call their cabanas their primary residence.

A woman who’s my neighbor welcomed me wildly, as loud as our drunks, screaming that everyone was glad that I was replacing a “psycho, drunken cop.” I’d just walked out of my interview. The deal wasn’t closed. Ultimately I was talked out of reneging. The seller had been difficult.
My new neighbor was a part timer (like I’ve been) at the motel. After three years of only acrimonious — avaricious — relations, she moved next to me full time.

My neighbor once told me that she was in treatment, but there’s been no evidence of that. Her nerves remain as shot as when she first charged at me. She’s childless but may have briefly been married. I’m surprised that I’ve never seen her host a day guest to our pool in 12 seasons. But she never leaves the property. She’s never hosted a guest from our town either. She doesn’t attend any of the many classes at the library or hospital yet she owns two cars.

She stalked me last year, lined me up, consciously deciding not to excuse me; that we could both be at the trash at the same time. I screamed “on your right, please!” Instead, like Dominique Rogers-Cromartie, she shouldered me while I was doing heavy lifting, knocking me off balance and my table and hand truck to the ground.

So why might she have hit me? Perhaps it’s that I sent the board pictures of her dog’s crap; which she lets accumulate in an open garden planter in front of her door. The rules are unambiguous about picking up and disposing.

The property manager and co-op board advance her cause by not putting her in violation of the rules. The police say it’s not a police matter. The kennel said that they came, saw, and it was covered. (In two seasons I haven’t seen it so.) The co-op has no private security like PSV-ST to make it go away.

So I write because, since we live under the same rent regulations, were we ever to convert to condo or co-op, unfortunates like my neighbor would assume great power. I can’t imagine her not being evicted from PCV-ST for such vulgar violations.

But one shareholder saw her dog’s pooh and, given his experience with her, asked, “What’s she going to do next?” That’s the question!

Billy Sternberg, ST

7 thoughts on “Letters to the editor, Sept. 17

  1. Billy Sternberg, does Compass Rock manage your summer place? Sounds like their style of management. They will probably cut down all the trees soon and destroy everything and anything that is of natural beauty. They welcome screaming drunks and vandals. You could save some money and spend your summers here in The Sty.

    • “Vicky” & others, Life is so short and many are involved in getting more and more monies and assets, as though morbidity is not in play for all of us. So, the Judeo-Christian ethics have been replaced by the new religion:: Greedism!.

  2. Trump says what a lot of us think, but would be embarrassed to say! What it would take to embarrass Trump would make most people leave town, but I like that about him!

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