Alleged subway grinder messes with wrong straphanger

On Wednesday, September 23, cops arrested an alleged subway grinder who apparently targeted the wrong woman — an undercover transit police officer.

Police said it was at 5:50 p.m., when the female officer and a sergeant assigned to the Transit Manhattan Task Force Anti-Crime Unit, working in plainclothes, were on the southbound 4,5 and 6 line.

After they boarded a 5 train at Grand Central, a man, later identified as Javier Monroy, 39, also got on the train. As the train traveled to 14th Street, police said he made his way over to the officer. She then noticed as Monroy allegedly brushed up against her left hip and press his groin against her. The officer put her arm out to keep him away and once the train arrived at 14th Street and Union Square, she told her team that she’d been the victim of a sex crime. The cops then kept the train from leaving the station and identified themselves to Monroy as police officers.

Monroy of 1888 West 9th Street in Brooklyn has since been charged with forcible touching and sexual abuse 3.

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