Letters to the Editor, Sept. 24

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

In cases of bed bugs, just inspect the building

Recently, my Peter Cooper Village neighbor (who is in her nineties) discovered that her apartment has a bed bug infestation. She is now going through the same horrible situation that many others have gone through to exterminate bed bugs.

When I spoke to management about this situation and expressed my concerns over the possibility of bed bugs spreading to other apartments, I was informed that their policy is to inspect the two adjacent apartments and the apartment above and below the infested apartment. The Tenants Association Bed Bug Registry, which lists the building and floor (but not apartment number) where tenants have reported being infested, refers to this on their website (www.stpcvta.org/bedbug-registry) as the Cloverleaf Inspection.

Several months before my neighbor’s apartment was infested, the apartment adjacent to my neighbor was inspected and she did not have bed bugs. That indicates one or both of the apartments above and below the apartment next to my neighbor’s apartment must have been infested with bed bugs. If management knows that there have been at least two instances of bed bugs in 531 East 20th Street in Peter Cooper Village, why are they not inspecting the whole building? There are many apartments in both Peter Cooper Village and Stuyvesant Town that are having bedbug infestation problems. Bed bugs go through the walls into other apartments.

On many websites that discuss bed bug problems it is recommended that caulking from the baseboard to the floor should be done in apartments that have bed bugs. To the best of my knowledge, management is not doing this simple procedure.

We are all in this together and the next apartment might be yours. We need management to give all tenants in Peter Cooper Village and Stuyvesant Town full disclosure on which buildings now have, or have had, bed bug infestations.

These entire buildings need to be inspected, which only involves a five-minute walkthrough by a trainer and a bed bug sniffing dog in each apartment. Caulking also needs to be done in apartments that are or have been infested. This is being proactive and saving all of us from going through the nightmare that our neighbor and many others are going through.

Sheila O’Connor, PCV

Sick and tired of drunken hordes

Another NYU semester has begun, and started off with an incident that has become all too commonplace in Stuyvesant Town.

I was sound asleep at 4:30 a.m. and was awoken to the sound of horrible, continuous retching. It was a Tuesday night. After approximately five minutes of loud moaning and incessant retching, I went to the window to see what was going on. I saw security guards with two young women, one of the women on the ground continuing to retch. She could not speak or get to her feet. 911 had been called and did not arrive for ten minutes. All the while the girl was moaning loudly on her side, still retching.

When emergency responders arrived, they administered oxygen and transported her by stretcher to the hospital. My husband and I got back to sleep at 5:30 a.m.

These incidents – minus the ambulance – are all too common now in Stuyvesant Town. I imagine the students who can go out at 11 p.m., and straggle in drunk at 1 a.m., 3 a.m., and the last of the crowds at 4:30 a.m., have scheduled no classes or late day classes from Tuesday-Friday.

A lot of us have to get up and go to work in the morning, and are being woken up two to three times every night. I do not even attempt to go to bed before 11 p.m.; that’s the time the crowds congregate outside to go out to the bars — screaming up to apartments for friends, talking loudly, and smoking (ten people smoking outside the building makes a lot of secondhand smoke).

Coming home we are woken up with drunken singing, screaming fights, and crying. These students should hang out by the fountain instead of outside apartment buildings. Weekends are worse, but I don’t work on weekends so I can somewhat tolerate the situation.

I hope the girl who went to the hospital is okay. NYU students must be advised that when housed in residential apartments, they must respect the community.

Or are we to just surrender our sleep and accept we all live on a NYU college campus?

Marianne Emanuel, ST

Morality vs. law a bigger issue than Davis

Steven Sanders (Politics & Tidbits column, “The Importance of Kim Davis”, T&V, Sept. 10) feels Ms. Davis should not be in jail but should not be holding public office either.

The law Kim Davis refuses to enforce is fundamentally different from the law as it stood at the time she was elected and took the oath of office and the difference goes beyond her religious beliefs.  She is a Christian and Christianity began with Jesus Christ about two thousand years ago.

But the institution of marriage as a union of one man and one woman dates from the beginning of the human race and is a fundamental part of human nature. Major religions agree with that understanding but the belief existed before revealed religion.  So that understanding is based on a fact, not just belief or opinion, and is not subject to a judicial decision.

Kim Davis could resign from office but the issue is too fundamental to just go away with Ms. Davis. If a loyal American cannot be loyal to his or her human nature without transgressing the law then the problem is with the law and ultimately it must be corrected.

The proper beginning of change would be for the system to devise some means of accomplishing what it considers to be its civic responsibilities while keeping her out of jail. There must be full protection to all Americans, in public life or their private lives, who have strong objections to recognizing a law because of their deeply held moral convictions. By her action Kim Davis has done the nation a great service by calling attention to that fact.

Don Murray, ST

4 thoughts on “Letters to the Editor, Sept. 24

  1. Regarding bed bugs, the city’s housing and maintenance code says that tenants are entitled to a bed bug–free environment (see http://www1.nyc.gov/html/doh/bedbugs/html/info/owners_tenants.shtml). And landlords are required to provide new tenants with the bed bug history of the building on a special form (http://www.nyshcr.org/forms/rent/dbbn.pdf). Anyone should feel free to inform new tenants of this, in case management isn’t including the form with the lease. The Tenants Association’s bed bug registry is one way to find out if a building has been infested, but it depends on tenants reporting what they know, so everyone should use it.

  2. Just a few years ago we had clean and wholesome buildings. Nothing fancy, but clean and wholesome. We also had beautiful tree-filled grounds that were tended with expertise and genuine care by competent groundsmen. NOW we have filthy, bedbug-infested buildings, less than half the trees we used to have, bare ground and tree stumps everywhere. And, if that’s not bad enough, the grounds are splattered with dog muck and student puke.
    There was a ten-year waiting list to get an apartment here. NOW they have to try to bribe us to recruit victims, er friends, to rent here!
    All of this under the noses of an ineffectual and probably complicit useless tenants association. Worse still, aided and abetted by our elected representatives who have done f**k all except feather their own nests at our expense. It will all come back to bite them in the ass eventually, but in the meantime we have to deal with disaster of a management company who profits handsomely from running the place into the ground.

  3. Re: Comment by Don Murray on article by Steve Sanders

    We are a nation of laws and they trump particular religious beliefs. But, if Ms. Davis disagrees with the issuance of marriage licenses that is her freedom given the First Amendment.

    However, if the SCOTUS decision upheld the right of gays to marry … well it then becomes the law of the land … which, of course she is free to disagree with.

    But, as a government employee if she feels that this compromises her Christian beliefs she has the option to resign her position. But, the judge who decided to give her a jail sentence was totally inappropriate for she posses no danger to others.

    [Please do not infer my position on same sex union for I believe it is a quite complex matter which involves many variables … and is irrelevant to the body of my response above.]

    • So sick of these crackpot religious people trying to impose their superstitious bullshit on the world. If they believe that god created the human race, then they should believe that god made people the way they are and god doesn’t mess up. Gay people (or any people!) can no more choose their sexual orientation than they can choose their skin color or race. Gay people have been around since the beginning of the human race (evolution) and if they are an abomination, then so are the rest of us. Either god makes perfect or god doesn’t know what he/she is doing.

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