Letters to the Editor, Oct. 1

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Does anyone give a flying puck about safety?

In the Aug. 27 issue of Town & Village, we reported on a Stuyvesant Town resident who’d been struck on the head by a hockey puck that sailed over the fence of a playground behind 250 First Avenue as he sat on a bench. The man, whose name was not published in the story, has since submitted the following open letter to CompassRock about the incident. The letter has been edited for length.

As you are aware, on August 14, I sustained an injury to my head while seated on a bench from a hockey puck flying out of the playground, an incident that could have been prevented had you/CompassRock management taken precautionary steps (i.e. a higher fence) to preempt such a predictable incident.

Due to the fact that hockey is frequently played in the playground in question and that the hockey puck frequently flies out of this playground into the pathway/perimeter surrounding this playground, it was clear that management should have taken steps to devise a viable plan to implement appropriate measures to contain this hockey puck projectile within the confines of the playground that caused me such a serious injury and severe stress from the blow to my head.

In short, this preventable incident has deprived me of my right to a peaceful environment in which I reside and pay my rent.

Most disturbing is that while I exercised good faith by informing you of this ongoing physical danger posed to the safety not only of myself but of other tenants as well as the public you have indifferently allowed hockey games to continue in the playground in question, thereby exposing the elderly, children and others to a potential dangerous situation, which two of the physicians examining my injury indicated could have resulted in death or a catastrophic injury, and obviously still poses this risk.

Joel Buchheim, ST

Missing the Oval’s canopy

I cannot support strongly enough the letter written by John Giannone and Sandra Linn in the Sept.17 T&V, “Please, kind landlord, spare these trees”.

There was a time when one entered Stuy Town from 14th Street and Ave. A and were immediately cooled. This does not happen anymore. We have lost so much of our canopy, something that the spindly trees planted some years ago will take an eon to equal, if ever.

The Oval has been stripped to make room for sunbathers. It is very sad.


Evelyn Simon, ST

We always live in difficult times

When I attended public schools and college, the great threat was an exchange of nuclear war with the USSR. I once had a dream during a hot summer in which I saw a plane drop a bomb deliver such a device… but then I woke up.

My mother told me that my father would often wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat having dreamt that the Nazis had conquered the U.S.

And now as always the world faces many dangerous problems. Why does all of this continue? There is an answer which was given in the brilliant old Walt Kelly’s comic strip “Pogo,” long gone, but still quite relevant. “Pogo” used animal characters in a satiric manner to talk about the human condition.

One of the animals wanted to find out what the cause of these continuous problems was. He came back and said: “I have found the enemy and it is us!”

David Chowes, PCV

Blasting Bernie coverage

Re: “Subway vigilante takes aim at MTA,” T&V, Sept. 24

Dear Editor,

Please explain to me why what Bernie Goetz thinks is front page news.

Mark Curley, ST

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