Letters to the Editor: Oct. 8

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

What’s wrong with Bingo?

Re: “Thai PM’s wife impressed with active seniors here,” T&V, Oct. 1

I was upset with Ms. Barry’s remarks that the Stein Center was (not) for the “Bingo or Atlantic City crowd.”

This type of pompous elitism has no place in our senior centers. I heartily endorse any senior center offering courses on drama, theater, history and the arts. Indeed that is what is done routinely at Stuyvesant Town’s community center, in addition to exercise programs, Bingo, nutrition programs, thoughtful movies, walking tours and other areas of senior interest. The purpose of the senior center should be to provide a wide range of services to their constituency. People who are alone and elderly clearly would benefit from many “high tone” events and these should be available. However, to neglect the need for exercise, socialization (as provided by Bingo), pure recreation and other fun activities demonstrates in my estimation a clear sense of elitism and arrogance.

It does not suffice to say that this is what our people want. Clearly and patiently a wide variety of informal educational and social activities should be promoted. In no case would it be satisfactory to merely conduct trips to Atlantic City or to have daily Bingo games.

Our seniors deserve a wide diversity of activities and one must be very careful not to impose our own sense of priorities on an audience which seeks and deserves intellectual stimulation, human companionship and the chance to have some fun.

Stephen J. Menchini, ST

Schumer should rethink his priorities

Mark Curley is absolutely right in his recent letter to the editor (“Blasting Bernie coverage,” T&V, Oct. 1 re: story, “Subway vigilante takes aim at MTA,” T&V, Sept. 24). Why should we care what Bernie Goetz thinks?

But then again, why should we care what Senator Charles Schumer has to say about affordable eyeglasses? Perhaps that is why you buried that article on page 10 of the October 1, 2015 edition (“Schumer pushes for more affordable eyeglasses).

I do not elect my senators to deal with affordable eyeglasses in the Senate. I elect them to balance the budget, enact sane gun control laws (which they repeatedly fail to do), deal with tax issues, balance the budget on a timely basis and make certain that our country is safe and deal with other broader, national issues.

This senator clearly feels obligated to opine on every issue – affordable eyeglasses is one. Escaped convicts this summer was another notable issue where this senator felt obligated to comment although the issue was one “owned” by the governor of New York.

I do not need to have my senator in the press every week offering legislation on minor issues. I need him solving more major problems for his constituents – and there are many of them.

In the meantime, and echoing Mr. Curley, why should we care what Senator Schumer has to say?

W. Stephen Jeffrey, PCV

One thought on “Letters to the Editor: Oct. 8

  1. Elitism and arrogance.
    That hits the nail on the head and it explains why this great country has gone to the dogs.
    Only in this country do seniors become invisible.
    Consider showing “The Intern” to the seniors as well as these elite and arrogant folks. It’s message is solid.
    Seniors make this world tick!

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