Dealing with bed bugs: Do DIY treatments work?

Pest control pro says no, city says call landlord

Aug20 Bedbugs

Bed bugs

By Sabina Mollot

Last week, Town & Village received a letter from a resident of the East Village who had dealt with a bed bug problem in her home and said she had some luck getting rid of the bugs using a variety of home remedies.

The woman, who didn’t want her name published, wrote:

“I had a bedbug situation and researched everything to get rid of them. I did get rid of them and here’s the way I did it. Food grade diatomaceous earth is the answer.”

She then included a link to an online pest control product store called Do My Own Pest Control, which has a page of information on diatomaceous earth, as well as tips for treating an infestation.

“Also very effective,” the author of the letter added, “is spraying tea tree oil on your mattress and covers and also lavender oil sprayed around will also repel these ugly bugs.”

In response to her suggestions, T&V reached out to get opinions on whether or not do-it-yourself bed bug elimination, in particular through the products suggested above, is at least worth a shot.

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If you need to raise money, then read this man’s book

Sept24 Raising Money bookBy Sabina Mollot

Ask anyone who has ever had to raise money for an important project or worthy cause what doing so was like and you may end up hearing tales of dealing with rampant stinginess, control freak donors, competition with others in need of funds and just overall difficulty getting big contributions in a post-recession world.

Fortunately, for anyone who may still have to do this, anyway, a Stuyvesant Town resident who consults on capital campaigns and teaches the topic of fundraising, has written a book on how to hone this particular skill.

The book, How to Raise Money for Good and Worthy Causes ($19, Penn Square Publishing) by Daniel P. Butler, was released last month in paperback on Amazon and in the NYU bookstore.

How to Raise Money is part how-to, part memoir, since it includes some personal stories about how Butler’s raised millions in funds, and also some basic facts about how the process works.

Making an effective pitch, for example, will be a challenge when there are similar organizations or projects in need out there.

In terms of competition, “If you’re in New York City, it’s a ferocious environment,” said Butler. “There are lots of hospitals. There are 12 museums. You have to give them examples of what’s unique.”

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