Package pileups continue in ST/PCV

A package pileup at 441 East 20th Street in late September gets photographed by Susan Steinberg, president of the ST-PCV Tenants Association.

A package pileup at 441 East 20th Street in late September gets photographed by Susan Steinberg, president of the ST-PCV Tenants Association.

By Sabina Mollot

For over a year, residents in some buildings in Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper have had to deal with their lobbies being subjected to package pileups.

Rather than deliver packages directly to tenants’ apartments, the boxes have been left to pile up into small towers in lobbies, in some cases, tenants have said, creating a fire hazard when the boxes obstruct the doors from being able to fully open.

Additionally, last week, Susan Steinberg, president of the Tenants Association, told T&V that this situation didn’t look like it was going to change any time soon.

Last Monday, Steinberg said as she was about to leave a building in Peter Cooper, she caught up with a UPS driver who informed her that door deliveries were “always a courtesy.”

After complaining about the package pileups, Steinberg said the driver explained that the volume of packages has gotten so high that, “We can’t do it anymore or we can’t finish our rounds.”

Steinberg added that she was told at a past meeting with CompassRock that management has spoken with the different carriers about this issue. But since that hasn’t seemed to help, the Tenants Association will be bringing up the issue with management again.

“We’re going to talk about it again at our next meeting,” she said. In the meantime, Steinberg said, “I hate to say it, but use Oval Concierge or ask for a signature. But a lot of people work so that’s not going to be handy.” Packages, she said, have been left by the USPS as well as UPS, and other carriers.

Town & Village reached out to a UPS spokesperson, Dan McMackin, who later said that a local UPS center manager was aware of tenants’ complaints.

McMackin said the manager also told him he would “address this concern immediately.” However, the manager, whose name wasn’t provided to T&V, also seemed convinced that the driver who left packages in the lobbies last Monday wasn’t the regular driver assigned to Peter Cooper Village. “He has been with UPS for 25 years and he would never leave packages in the lobby,” the manager told McMackin in an email. “However,” he added, “there are, on occasion, other drivers I have go into these buildings to deliver and I will make it clear to them that all deliveries will be made to the apartments and never the lobby.”

Congetta Chirichello, a spokesperson for the U.S. Postal Service, would only tell T&V that the matter was “being reviewed and investigated by postal management.”

Both the USPS and UPS were contacted last week, and while the problem hasn’t stopped since then, this Tuesday, Steinberg told T&V that the pileups have improved somewhat in the past few days.

A spokesperson for CWCapital, Brian Moriarty, declined to comment on the issue.

In related news, on Tuesday, a man was caught allegedly trying to steal packages from a building in Peter Cooper.

A resident, who asked that her name not be published here, wrote on the Tenants Association’s Facebook page about witnessing the man lurk around in the building around 5:30 p.m.

“I walked in my building today with my child and saw an unfamiliar person within my building,” she said. “He looked odd and out of place so I called security once I got into my apartment. They just called back to say thank you as the odd character was in fact stealing packages by the mail boxes. He had clearly entered the building on the back of someone else. It only takes a phone call; trust your instincts and look out for your community’s safety.”

A comment by a TA mod then mentioned that Public Safety in ST/PCV had been on the lookout for a man who’d been following delivery people into buildings, and packages “being stolen or rifled through in PCV and ST.”

The mod, “Peter Stuyvesant,” added, “One perpetrator was caught a while ago, and now this one. If you’ve had a package stolen, you should report it to the company you purchased it from or the delivery company. They should have a records that it was delivered. But you should also alert PS (Public Safety) because the theft may be part of a larger pattern.”

A spokesperson for the NYPD said she didn’t have any information about a theft or burglary in that location, which was 420 East 23rd Street.
However, the resident who made the post later gave T&V a description of the man, who was 5 ft. 9 ins., slightly overweight, probably in his late 30s with olive skin and dark hair. She said he looked out of place because he was wearing a poncho and was carrying an empty bag. He was also slightly disheveled looking and behaving suspiciously, she recalled.

“The fact that he was picking up a letter that was lying on the side where packages normally would be, just to avoid eye contact seemed odd,” she said.

Additionally, he appeared to be loitering as opposed to being on his way in or out.

She added that she didn’t see packages out in the open when she walked in, but was also concerned about packages that are left out in front of tenants’ apartment doors.

“I’m surprised they don’t put up notices at the entry points that there are cameras and you shouldn’t enter the buildings unless you’re buzzed in,” she said.

10 thoughts on “Package pileups continue in ST/PCV

  1. The UPS guy is the only one who ever delivers stuff to my door. The USPS and FedEx guys are plain old lazy and incompetent. They frequently leave stuff that is for someone in a different building. The letter carrier can’t even manage to get the mail in the right mail boxes (if he or she even has the right building). The situation has got progressively worse since the 14th Street P.O. closed and the sorting is done at the 23rd Street branch and ever since we have had a revolving-door population. The Amazon delivery people sometimes don’t even bother to leave things in the lobby, but instead, they dump the packages in the outer vestibule. This dump is a pilferer’s paradise.

    Of course, it would be helpful if our stupid and lazy management people would update the directories, both in the lobby and on the intercom, once in a while. People who moved out as long as three years ago are still listed.

    The situation is not going to get better. So long as the property is a churn/dorm and run by lazy slobs, we can kiss a decent quality of life goodbye. There are offices that you can have parcels delivered to for a fee and I’m not talking about Oval Concierge. Wouldn’t give these bloodsuckers a penny more than I absolutely have to.

  2. Not convinced that the only option for safe delivery of our packages is that PCVST Residents have to pay the landlord $240 a year (which gives an unseemly perception, if not is an unseemly reality) so we asked delivery service to let PCVST residents know of existing alternatives that are free in an open letter reply to this problem that has been going on since at least 2010 and could easily be solved and for free.

    30,000+ residents at $240 per year would generate$7.2+ Million dollars for the Landlord and owners of “Oval Concierge ” Abigail Michaels Concierge. That is a lot of money out of our pocket for something that should be free.

    The deteriorated quality of life conditions are putting increasing burden on the residents, and now the “volume of packages has gotten so high” is interfering with mail delivery and putting burden on delivery workers, shipping companies, and the senders of our packages who are all paying an unfair price due to property management policies increasing population of apartments, buildings, entire complex beyond what is livable, workable and sustainable.

    100% agree with Vickie.
    “The UPS guy is the only one who ever delivers stuff to my door. The USPS and FedEx guys are plain old lazy and incompetent.”

    UPS are trying to do right by their customer PCVST residents.

    FedEx is as Vickie says.

    USPS are nefarious.

  3. And now for a word from our wonderful Superman Councilman Dan Garodnick ///////” What do I hear? NOTHING as usual. I emailed Carolyn Maloney about this but the email went into the void. That’s where she should go (along with Garodnick) when the next election rolls around. We have NO representation around here and we are being used, abused and treated like sh*t by a “management company” that is a total sham.

  4. and instead of galivanting off to boondoggles in Israel, Iowa, London, Rome, etc., our so-called Mayor should be HERE listening to what his constituents have to say and paying some attention to what the tenants of PCVST are going through under the Management from Hell. We need a complete and absolute purge of ALL incumbents in office because they are a bunch of self-serving losers who are just not worthy or capable of holding office. They have let the once-greatest and best-run housing complex in the USA be taken over by hillbillies and run into the ground ….. and now the long-suffering, beleaguered tenants can’t even get their friggin’ mail delivered to them! Pathetic.

  5. The incorrect delivery of packages (and mail) is really quite a problem at this point. I often take packages up and leave them by the tenants’ doors because I am in and out of the building several times a day and see the packages sitting there. Often, they are for tenants at different addresses and I just try to contact the tenant by phone or leave the packages where they are. I’m not a courier! I made one exception to that, though, when FedEx left a box of fresh fruit for a person at an address several blocks away. I couldn’t find a phone listing for the person and was worried that it might be a delivery for a sick person so I schlepped the few blocks to alert the person and she then had to walk back with me and pick it up. Fortunately, she wasn’t sick and she was young and healthy because I could not carry that box over to her! It was heavy! I suggested to her that she call the vendor and tell them to complain to FedEx because leaving a box of fresh fruit at the wrong building in the height of summer is really careless. By the time FedEx would have come back for it (if indeed they would have) it would have been stewed fruit!

    Just for the record, I’ve never had a problem with UPS and if I order something online I stipulate that it should not be via FedEx and I’d rather pay a little extra for it come by UPS than by the Postal Service. The postman will put small packages in the mailbox, but larger ones get left on the counter. I used to order medication online, but now I don’t because I have found medication out on the counter and that is inexcusable. It’s also dangerous in the event a child decided to grab the package.

  6. At least on 3 occasions my packages have been stolen from the lobby. I have torn rotator cuff and have difficulty carrying boxes. Int’s not UPS not bringing packages to the door, it’s USPS, yes, the post office. Shameful!!

  7. Another thing, we have a lot of those guys distributing menus galloping around the buildings. They could easily snatch packages from outside doors because they stop at every door to shove their damned menus under it. These are not food delivery guys (they just want to get in and out asap because time is money), but the pests who get in with a satchel full of menus, take the elevator to the top floor and the gallop noisily from floor to floor distributing their menus. They have been an annoyance from the beginning of time, like cockroaches.

  8. Box of diabetic medical supply stuff for a senior left in my lobby today. FedEx and USPS has no ethics for leaving stuff like that out there.

  9. I can check on line the status of my packages, and the 3x my purchases were stolen USPS confirmed that items were left in the lobby as opposed to at my door. There are all types of people coming in and out of our buildings, from visiting teenagers, to moving men, to dog walkers even. And having a camera doesn’t necessarily help cause you can just subtlety tuck a box under your arm as your walk out the door.

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