Letters to the Editor, Oct. 15

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Catering to a diverse senior population

Re: Letter, “What’s wrong with Bingo?”, T&V, Oct. 8, which was in response to the story, “Thai PM’s wife impressed by active seniors here,” T&V, Oct. 1

In response to Mr. Menchini’s letter of October 8th, I am sorry if it appeared that I was a “pompous elitist” in saying that the people who come to Stein are not the Bingo and Atlantic City crowd.

I have been running programs for seniors for 35 years and it has been a different experience here. We tried to start Bingo a few years back because I know it is stimulating and fun for many people. There wasn’t any interest at the time. We also asked our members if they would like us to set up trips to AC and they said they weren’t interested as well.

We do have a wide range of activities from Feldenkrais to Zumba to Yiddish club, computer classes, parties, trips, early stage dementia program, legal clinic, tax prep and much more. I believe there is something for everybody here and I apologize if it seemed otherwise.

One of our long-time members dubbed Stein, “A Center for the Humanities.” It is not my priorities, but a diverse array of activities and services that are needed in the community.  If a program is not well-attended, it won’t be continued.

Does Mr. Menchini know what we offer at Stein? Each senior program has its own personality and Stein is different than many in that respect. Shakespeare class has been taught by the same teacher for 22 years and opera appreciation long before I arrived in 2008. The classes are attended by 30 to 50 people weekly.

Jane Barry, Executive Director, Stein Center

Stuy Town needs its supermarket

To the editor:

Thank you, Ms. Mollot, for your September 24 article about the Associated Supermarket on East 14th Street and CWCapital’s resistance to renegotiating the store’s lease.

Unfortunately, it brings to light the indifference CWCapital displays towards the tenants of Stuyvesant Town. After the closing of D’agostino several years ago, Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village now have only two local supermarkets surrounding the 110 buildings of the two complexes, serving over 25,000 residents.

I hope after reading the T&V’s article, tenants will contact CWCapital telling CW to preserve local businesses and keep one of our last remaining supermarkets in the community.

Barbara Bienenfeld, ST

Not so new laundry rooms

The following is an open letter for CWCapital and CompassRock.

In connection with the recent significant announcements regarding the “new laundry rooms” coming to ST, I would like to remind you and clarify that all the washing machines in 610 E. 20 Street were not replaced, just the dryers were.

It’s unclear why this was and it’s very misleading and disappointing that it has occurred.

I have friends who also live in ST, and I know their buildings did receive brand new washing machines in addition to new dryers.

Washer # 2 is perpetually out of order; there’s a “F28-out of order message” weekly or between it and washer #1 there’s water leakage all over the floor, which then never gets timely mopped and cleaned by the janitorial staff.

Why weren’t these washers replaced with new equipment?  What are we supposed to do about perpetual malfunction issues with washers 2 and 1?
I look forward to your prompt reply and explanation about why much-needed new washing machines were not in fact installed.


C. Santos, ST

2 thoughts on “Letters to the Editor, Oct. 15

  1. Re: Letter by Ms. Jane Barry

    Please! You have nothing to apologize for. The fact that so many find that telling truth is one of the worst sins is their problem and not yours.

  2. Re: Letter from C. Santos concerning the laundry equipment. We have had new washers and dryers installed in our laundry room (435/445) and while the dryers are just so-so, I must say that the washers are very nice and do a good job WHEN they are actually working! Of course, they break down, as is to be expected when they get so much usage, but it takes FOREVER for them to be repaired, no matter how many times you report the problem. Another annoying thing is that when using the washers, you have to dip the card at least 30 times before the reader accepts it and the machine whirrs into action! It will give an “err” message or a “LCSU” message over and over again. Sometimes the dryers do this also, but mostly it is the washers.

    It’s unfortunate that the equipment can’t be maintained and repaired at a higher level of competency, but that wouldn’t be CW way, would it?

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