Editorial: Hypocrisy below the Mason-Dixon line

By former Assemblyman Steven Sanders

Three years ago this month in an historic deluge, New York City was inundated by Superstorm Sandy.

The hurricane force gusts and rainfall of epic proportions obliterated homes and businesses, and drowned swaths of our shoreline causing billions of dollars of damage

The Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper community was particularly hard hit due to our close proximity to the East River which spilled into our community in torrents swallowing up cars and flooding streets and basements. The rebuilding and recovery in our community alone took over a year.

Federal disaster relief funds was sought for our devastated areas, but shockingly opposed by a coalition of conservative and Tea Party members of Congress led by the delegation from South Carolina. In return for any federal aid they demanded equivalent cuts in urban social programs. Their rallying cry was that a disaster is a political opportunity not to be missed.

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