Editorial: Hypocrisy below the Mason-Dixon line

By former Assemblyman Steven Sanders

Three years ago this month in an historic deluge, New York City was inundated by Superstorm Sandy.

The hurricane force gusts and rainfall of epic proportions obliterated homes and businesses, and drowned swaths of our shoreline causing billions of dollars of damage

The Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper community was particularly hard hit due to our close proximity to the East River which spilled into our community in torrents swallowing up cars and flooding streets and basements. The rebuilding and recovery in our community alone took over a year.

Federal disaster relief funds was sought for our devastated areas, but shockingly opposed by a coalition of conservative and Tea Party members of Congress led by the delegation from South Carolina. In return for any federal aid they demanded equivalent cuts in urban social programs. Their rallying cry was that a disaster is a political opportunity not to be missed.

They bemoaned the imposition on the national treasury to help northern communities in the eye of Sandy and New York City in particular. So how ironic and hypocritical is it that those same Carolinians are now petitioning Congress for the very same federal aid that they sought to deny New York City from a storm that mirrored Sandy!

How fitting would it be if Senators Schumer, Gillibrand and Representatives Nadler and Maloney would stand on the floor of Congress to block these funds. Tit for tat.

But of course they won’t… nor should they. Federal disaster relief is too important to be controlled by petty regional grandstanding or small minded ideological differences. This proposition seems lost on some of our fellow Americans who loathe the politics of our region of the country.

But before the check is sent to South Carolina perhaps they should be reminded that this is “one nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.”

America is at its best when we help one and other through tough times regardless of region or politics. Such an understood compact used to be the case before the poisonous political rhetoric that we accept now as routine in our national discourse took root. Mutuality, respect and assistance is what the framers of the Constitution envisioned and expected. Sadly this has been lost in the discordant cacophony of political sound bites and fury appealing to narrow and fringe constituencies fueling resentment and hate, while driving wedges between Americans based on ideology, politics or region.

Perhaps the natural disaster that was visited upon South Carolina and the national response of cooperation can serve as an opportunity, and a reminder of what makes America great.

One thought on “Editorial: Hypocrisy below the Mason-Dixon line


    It not only will occur again and with far greater ferocity. If you watch or read about the increasing (in an exponential manner) the number of extremely aberrant weather patterns all over the U. S. and the entire world.

    Think about the California draught, fires on the west coast, extreme heat and rain, many deaths… Tornados and feet of rain in hours… Most of what is going on now is the result of the melting of the polar icecaps which increase the water in the oceans and drive precipitation and the warming of the planet. How many weather records have to be broken for people to realize how dangerous this problem is becoming?

    This has and will affect the geopolitical atmosphere. E.g., part of the Syrian problem is due to a lack of water which leads to a lack of food … so people migrate and create political instability.

    Thanks to the Koch bro’s and their D. C. lobbyists who give monies to the politicians and call global warming “a hoax” just to increase profits in this nation of self destructive greed.

    This and nuclear proliferation may well end human life on the Earth. Seriously!.

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