Letters to the Editor, Oct. 22

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Sick of Ave. C looking like Swiss cheese

A reader sent this letter to Town & Village last Tuesday about traffic problems during ongoing work along Avenue C. A response from the DOT and Con Ed follows.

Avenue C has been torn up for over three weeks, between at least 20th Street and 14th Street. I assume this is done by the DOT but I’m not certain of it.

In any case how can any responsible agency be permitted to tear up a major access road (this stretch serves as both means of entry and exit for the East River Drive) and leave it in the condition of a veritable mine field? It’s beyond reason. Traffic is slowed to a crawl and vehicles are swerving left and right to avoid major pot holes, exposed sewer covers and gas vents. (On what had been a level street to begin with, I traverse the area daily and there were no issues with this street.) Vehicle and pedestrian safety are severely compromised.

One evening last week, Con Edison employed the use of traffic cones and security guards on both 16th and 14th Streets to secure parking for their employees on the Stuyvesant Town perimeter. I believe this was done due to the congestion caused by no parking on Avenue C. Is this legal? And to top it off, that same night DOT (?) was tearing up the intersection at 14th Street and First Avenue.

What’s going on here? Why is our neighborhood being taxed so severely by poorly coordinated city services and an out of control power company? If street work is necessary, fine. Tear it up as needed but don’t leave it in this condition for weeks (months?) at a time.

Demolition/tear-up should not be permitted unless the repairs are to be made immediately. Is this so contractors can start as many jobs as possible and then get back to them when they see fit? Who is responsible for this? The public is not being well served.

Name withheld, ST

According to Jose Bayona, a spokesperson for the DOT, the work is “milling and resurfacing” in the area. The milling on Avenue C was completed on October 5 and resurfacing began on October 7. The resurfacing work was completed on October 15.

Sidney Alvarez, a spokesperson for Con Ed, said the utility is not involved in any of the work along Avenue C other than an unrelated project at its own facility.

“Con Edison is doing storm-hardening work on the perimeter of our building and some storm-hardening and other maintenance work inside the East River plant complex,” Alvarez said.

A spokesperson for CWCapital declined to comment, since Stuyvesant Town is not involved in any work on bordering streets.

USPS to blame for package pileups

Re: “Package pileups continue in ST/PCV,” Oct. 8, T&V

Package deliveries have been a problem in my building beginning the past few months also. Prior to that, for about a year deliveries were completed to the tenant’s door. The excellent service during that time I believe was a direct result of a contract between Amazon and USPS, which resulted in the USPS making an effort to comply. They then however, subsequently decided it was too much trouble for them to do this.

Amazon places great emphasis on the entire delivery process so USPS may be in violation of the contract. I urge anyone affected by poor delivery by USPS to call the Post Master Generals Office at 1-800-275-8777 and file a complaint. Also, you’ll need to follow up. If the complaint pertains to Amazon then you’ll also contact Amazon. You can do this by e-mailing jeff@amazon.com. The Amazon CEO delegates his employees to resolve matters such as this. You can also call Amazon Customer service at 1-888-280-4331.

I’ve spoken to them and they’ve had many, many complaints regarding USPS. One thing they can do is use a secondary carrier like LaserShip to deliver packages to your door, which is what they do for me.

After personally investigating the cause of this problem I was told by USPS employees that since Stuy Town has cameras in the vestibule, the package delivery supervisor has ordered all delivery personnel to just drop off packages in the lobby. Although they do have the manpower to complete the job, they don’t want to pay these minimum wage employees any overtime pay to do so.

UPS delivery has always been excellent in my building so I believe the situation discussed in the previous article was an isolated case of one employee just not doing his job rather than UPS policy. The poor delivery service from USPS on the other hand, is carried out as direct policy by USPS management, which should be unacceptable to us.

Ed Lee, ST

Keep the supermarket

Re: Letter from Barbara Bienenfeld, T&V, Oct. l5, “ST needs its supermarket”

It is imperative that with a population of over 25,000 residents we badly need our ONE supermarket nearby which also delivers and it would be an absolute crime to take it away from us. There is not another food market nearby for all of us. Since I don’t have CWCapital’s address (only the rent stub) please pass this very important message on to them.

Bridget Bogard, ST

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One thought on “Letters to the Editor, Oct. 22

  1. Ed Lee, I think you are right about the USPS letter carriers being ordered by their supervisor to leave packages in the lobby because of the security cameras. One of the letter carriers told me this himself. Another letter carrier dropped off a bunch of packages in our lobby and when I tried to ask her why she couldn’t take them to the doors, she wouldn’t listen, just said “They can stay there.” and rushed out and literally ran away. They employ the lowest caliber of workers at the PO these days and the “supervisors” are worse than any of them.
    We get so much mail shoved into the wrong mail boxes, and so much mail that is not even left in the right building that the Postal Service is a bad joke these days.

    FedEx has the same attitude. Dump it in the lobby. They are even WORSE than the USPS when it comes to leaving packages in the wrong building.

    So far, UPS seems to still be doing a good job.

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