Editorial: The masquerade party

By Former Assemblyman Steven Sanders

With Halloween just around the corner beware of persons dressing up and pretending to be serious candidates for President! What they are peddling as a treat is really a trick.

Every time something really dumb comes out of the mouth of Donald J. Trump I think that the voters in the Republican Party will have finally had enough of his bombast and childish remarks… but no. They seem to eat it up in some weird way. When the Donald led the effort to delegitimize President Obama, insinuating that he was not a natural born citizen, he was playing to his partisan crowd.

But when he proclaimed that Senator John McCain was no war hero for just being captured by the enemy, (and I might add tortured for five years), and then parlayed that remark by saying… “I like my war heroes who are not captured… ok,” I figured that he was doomed politically. Not so.

I was not surprised that when he condemned Mexicans and most other persons seeking refuge as criminals who undermine our society, he did not lose support. Nor when he said that he would hunt down and deport millions of illegal immigrants and build a two thousand mile wall around our southern border with a “beautiful big door.”

When he denied that the 14th amendment to the United States Constitution says what it says: that citizenship is conferred on all person born in the United States, I thought that was pretty ignorant but a bit too legally complicated to arouse much opposition from his Party faithful.

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