Editorial: The masquerade party

By Former Assemblyman Steven Sanders

With Halloween just around the corner beware of persons dressing up and pretending to be serious candidates for President! What they are peddling as a treat is really a trick.

Every time something really dumb comes out of the mouth of Donald J. Trump I think that the voters in the Republican Party will have finally had enough of his bombast and childish remarks… but no. They seem to eat it up in some weird way. When the Donald led the effort to delegitimize President Obama, insinuating that he was not a natural born citizen, he was playing to his partisan crowd.

But when he proclaimed that Senator John McCain was no war hero for just being captured by the enemy, (and I might add tortured for five years), and then parlayed that remark by saying… “I like my war heroes who are not captured… ok,” I figured that he was doomed politically. Not so.

I was not surprised that when he condemned Mexicans and most other persons seeking refuge as criminals who undermine our society, he did not lose support. Nor when he said that he would hunt down and deport millions of illegal immigrants and build a two thousand mile wall around our southern border with a “beautiful big door.”

When he denied that the 14th amendment to the United States Constitution says what it says: that citizenship is conferred on all person born in the United States, I thought that was pretty ignorant but a bit too legally complicated to arouse much opposition from his Party faithful.

When he insulted a woman journalist by suggesting that her tough questions were the result of her biology or by calling another female candidate for President physically unpleasing, I figured that might cost him some support, but Republicans are a very forgiving bunch.

However, when he challenged one of the Republican icons, former President George W. Bush, as someone who had failed as President to prevent the attacks on the World Trade Center and that he, Donald Trump, might have thwarted that dastardly event, I figured, now this must be his Waterloo… so far not so much.

I am no fan of the 43rd President of the United States. I think that he manufactured a crisis in Iraq for the express purpose of deposing Saddam Hussein and his regime without any regard or understanding of the consequences of that misguided war. The ensuing instability did not result in democracy as he and his neo-con advisors predicted, but rather it created a power vacuum that gave rise to the murderous group known as ISIS.

But as a New Yorker present in lower Manhattan on September 11, 2001 and having personally witnessed the attack and destruction of the World Trade Center at close range with the deaths of nearly 3,000 persons, I find Donald Trump’s careless remarks about the blame for that tragedy to be grotesque and perhaps the most egregious example of his irresponsibility and unfitness for office… of any kind. To ascribe any blame to then President Bush for the terrorist attack that day would be akin to blaming Franklin Roosevelt for the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor, or to blame President Clinton for the domestic terrorist bombing in Oklahoma City in 1993 which destroyed a government building, claiming the lives of over 100 citizens. Why not blame the sitting Governor of Connecticut for the shooting massacre of 20 toddlers in Newtown in 2012?

The point is that a person running for the highest office in the country ought to be a serious individual who says and speaks about issues in a thoughtful manner. More frighteningly if Mr. Trump actually believes what he says then this is a person truly out of touch with reality and as such dangerous.

More likely Donald Trump has honed the skills that gets him the attention that he craves. He understands that the media and a narrow swath of voters love to hear provocative speech. It sells newspapers and gets TV ratings and it appeals to angry Americans in search of scapegoats to blame our problems on.

History is littered with such demagogues, in this country and abroad. But occasionally the people embrace such individuals and place them in positions of power, to tragic results. Halloween lasts only for one day. Picking the wrong leader can have lasting effects.

12 thoughts on “Editorial: The masquerade party

  1. Assemblyman Steven Sanders,

    As Mr. Trump should know vis-à-vis Mexican immigration is that the U. S. conquered parts of
    Mexico and they became the country of Texas (which was eventually made part of the U. S.)as well as large sections of California. So, they like Native Americans deserve entry into our nation more so than immigrants from other countries.

  2. Sanders last week said, “If New York’s own Donald Trump, a developer himself, did not have the imagination, interest or experience to create this plan to save housing affordability right in his own backyard, what makes anyone think that he can successfully tackle the intricate and complex problems of the world with his untried governing experience?”.

    But Sanders needs to look inward at the failings of rent laws which should save affordable housing. Sanders spent more than 25 years in the Assembly. If was during his tenure that the vacancy decontrol was written into law. And he and his fellow democrats, the democrats that he applauds, failed and failed miserably (I’m sure he blames someone else).

    Trump is a joke and sideshow. And, in politics, he’ll not matter soon. But rather than waste the pages of this paper/website with diversionary tales about the reasons for affordable housing stock losses, come clean and take personal responsibility for it (as a member of the Assembly and a lobbyist). Vacancy decontrol is killing rent stabilization. And it became law on your watch!

    It was never Trump’s job to have the “imagination, interest or experience” to save affordable housing. But it was your job. So who failed?

    • Exactly how stupid must someone be to believe a word Steve Sanders says? The Democratic party owns NY and all it’s failures to residents. Billionaire moguls own the Democratic party. Follow the money and find the corruption. At least Trump lets you know where he stands. If it’s him versus Hillary I take him any day.

  3. Donald Trump comes across as a posturing clown. So did Hitler. Donald Trump denigrates and blames one segment of the population. So did Hitler. Donald Trump appeals to a certain kind of mentality that wants a scapegoat. So did Hitler. The sooner this vile man disappears from the political scene, the better.

      • Here’s a better comparison….Donald Trump comes across as a posturing clown. So did Obama. Donald Trump denigrates and blames one segment of the population. So did Obama. Donald Trump appeals to a certain kind of mentality that wants a scapegoat. So did Obama. The sooner this vile man disappears from the political scene, the better. Or better yet Obama comes across as a posturing clown. So did Hitler. Obama denigrates and blames one segment of the population. So did Hitler. Obama appeals to a certain kind of mentality that wants a scapegoat. So did Hitler. The sooner this vile man disappears from the political scene, the better.

      • Re: Comment by Fred


        Whether you agree with him, when now President Obama was campaigning tor the nomination and president, he was unusually articulate and spoke in about issues in a substantial manner. Trump us using his egomaniacal ‘reality showbiz skills.’

        Obama appealed to the well educated intellectual and the young with his soaring rhetoric and stuck to issues’ Where as “the Donald” has amassed a group of the uneducated and unwashed Tea Party and his friends at fox viewers with no plans … just HUGE hyperbole.

        While we’re talking politics: Carson is a mystery to me. And, yes the electorate is correct in seeing great problems in Washington … but, as President Obama is going to the root of the “challenges” .. the persons like Trump and Carson appeal to the ignorant members of the nation.

        What this country needs is a better educational system ,,, as it has been dumbed down considerably in recent years … bring back civics and history. Today’s B.A. is equivalent to a high school diploma from over a half century ago,

  4. Obama was and is a liar as are all liberals. Like him or not Trump is honest.

    As a potential hurricane headed towards NYC I recollect D. Chowes patting himself on the back for being right about one of liberals biggest lies, global warming. There is no such thing but the liberal elite like Gore and Obama have their little minions believing their lies as they profit. The earth is cooling and there is more danger of a mini ice age than there is any danger from supposed global warming. When NASA set out to prove ice was melting at an alarming rate after the NOAA had to apologize over their pictures “proving” the ice was melting (they failed to mention their camera was moved over 50 miles further away in the after pictures) they were forced to call off their fact finding mission. Reason???,,,,TOO MUCH ICE so they couldn’t get where they wanted to go.

    I do agree that our educational system is one of the worst in the world. Teachers unions are killing it. Plain and simple. As for colleges well liberal professors who are more concerned with brainwashing their students than educating them has led to that decline. Aren’t you part of that problem??

    • “Slash,” We disagree about Obama. OK! As far as “global warming” as a result of the mission of carbon into the Earth’s atmosphere … 98% of climatologists and scientists … and Pope Francis agree. It seems that the pols who get money from Big Energy *e.g., Exxon/Mobil, the Koch bro’s, etc…. and of lesser consequence those who either don’t understand the scientific method. In an accelerating pace there has been a strong and universal pattern of aberrant and extreme weather patterns.

      One day’s cold weather is not a pattern … even as Boston and Buffalo had tons of snow is not a pattern.

      But, “Slash” we agree on one point: the deterioration of the U. S. educational system from K through college.

      • “Slash,” Q & A
        1) What evidence is there to suggest global warming?
        For decades, almost every year has manifested the highest average
        temperature since record keeping began.

        2) Are both polar icecaps melting and if so at what rate?
        Yes, both. And the rate has increased exponentially when compared to
        previous years.

        3) Climatologists and other scientists have posited that it is due to more carbon
        in the atmosphere due to the burning of fossil fuels. This leads to the oceans
        rising. In years to come it could be many feet.

        4) Will this affect the U. S. and the world?
        Yes. Especially coastal area like Florida, New York City, California … and
        already nations close to sea level will no longer exist. E.g., the Maldive
        Islands … many will be overrun by the rising waters.

        5) Why was there very cold weather in recent years?
        Undulations in weather will occur. But, there will be an increase in the
        strength and frequency of dangerous weather patterns which could end
        viable life on this planet for humans as the ecology changes.

        6) Is this going to affect me?
        Maybe … but, if you have children or grandkids it could end their lives.

        7) Why have some referred to this as a “hoax.”
        The Koch bro’s, Exxon/Mobil and other big energy companies pay $$$ via
        lobbyist to continue making revenues.

        8) Other implications?
        Besides extreme heat, more precipitation, less food supplies and other
        extreme storms ,,, hurricanes, tornadoes, sink holes +

  5. D. Chowes,

    You need to find a better source for your information as all your answers to your own questions are wrong. Stop reading liberal lies and check the real facts! Did Al Gore give you these “facts”?

    How do you irritate a conservative? Lie to them.
    How do you irritate a liberal? Tell them the truth
    Theodore Roosevelt

    • “Fred,” The meaning of the word “conservative” has become perverted during the resent years. E.g., compare WFB to the Tea Party usage of the same word.. His son Chris left “National Review” and supported Obama. Interesting?

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