Letters to the Editor, Nov. 19

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

14th St. – the noisiest street in Manhattan?

A friend of mine living in New Jersey told me the other day, “I would give my eye-teeth to have a two-bedroom apartment in Stuyvesant Town on the 12th floor with a view of the skyline.”

Little does she know what is actually happening here now: 14th Street has become, not a street, but a super highway.

Ever since St. Vincent’s Hospital on the West Side closed to become yet another condo, all traffic from west to east has to go through 14th Street, or so it seems.

We now have every ambulance, every police car, every fire engine and, to top it off, every motor bike gang storming through our street. (I understand the fire engines because the firehouse is on 14th Street.)

It is impossible to listen to the radio/TV or have a conversation. To top it off, for six months, there has been an excavation on the south side of the Street between Avenues A and B, starting at 7 a.m. until 6 p.m., jackhammering and big cranes making unbelievable noise to build yet another condo.

This street is now the thorough street between west and east.

Is there no way to divert some of this to say, 23rd Street? I am sure the motorbikes which make unlawful noise would not mind.

Bridget Bogard, ST

Climate researchers and false prophets

Re: “Unique look at global warming in new doc,” a review of “The Anthropologist,” T&V, Nov. 12

Dear Ms. Mollot,

The upcoming showing of the global warming documentary, “The Anthropologist” at the SVA Theatre brings to mind a recent book by the sociologist, Rael Jean Isaac, about the same subject but from a very different perspective. She starts the book with an anthropological enigma, the story of the Xhosa tribe in South Africa who in 1856 killed a half million of their own cattle, ceased planting crops and destroyed their grain stores. By the end of 1857 half of their population starved to death.

The Xhosa acted on the prophecy of a 15-year-old girl who promised them that the British oppressors would flee if they destroyed all they had. Dr. Isaac writes that “just as the basis for the Xhosa economy was cattle, the lifeblood of our economy is energy. And we are strangling our own energy supply on the basis of an apocalyptic prophecy that has no more validity than the one that sent the Xhosa spinning into cultural immolation.”

John Coleman, the founder of the weather channel made a documentary called “How the Global Warming Scare Began,” which is available for everyone to view on YouTube. In it he says the prophet who was instrumental in creating the global warming scare was Al Gore.

He explains that Al Gore started billions of grant dollars flowing to researchers who would show that the action of mankind was causing catastrophic global warming. Researchers made predictions of melted ice caps and heating that never came to pass. Researchers traveled on a ship to the South Pole to study the melting of the Antarctica only to be trapped in ice in regions which historically had been free of ice.

Just as lack of evidence didn’t stop the Xhosa from believing, it did not stop the researchers on that ship and it is not stopping us.


Gamaliel Isaac, ST

Enjoying MoMath


Since its inception I have been enjoying the Math Museum (“MoMath”) a lot.  I met their administrators at Baruch College – before they opened their building at 26th Street and Fifth Ave.

Monthly I enjoy the Math Encounters every first Wednesday of the month and sometimes I can attend a Friday Family program.  Please, share this info and try to join the Museum of Mathematics.

Alicia Zanelli, ST

7 thoughts on “Letters to the Editor, Nov. 19

  1. Thanks a lot, Bridget. You clearly have no idea how noisy 23rd Street already is. There are ambulances going to Bellevue. Firetrucks scream down 23rd Street to head over to Waterside or other points along the FDR as well as to the VA Hospital. We have three city bus routes and about eight express buses. In the warmer months, we have the drunks coming off the party boats—as late (early?) as 4 a.m. The street is under construction or blocked at many points all the way to Fifth Avenue. Cars exiting the FDR clog the street. The city is planning to put a sanitation garage on 25th Street east of First Avenue. The VA Hospital is putting up a 14-foot wall. Stop complaining.

    • I was going to say the same thing. Along with Bellevue and the VA Hospital you also have ambulances going to NYU.

      • Completely agree. I lived on 14th up until 3 months ago and just moved to PCV on 23rd. 14th does not compare to 23rd at all.

        If 14th Street is a superhighway, then 23rd is a superhighway on steroids. Move somewhere inside the property if you want to avoid the noise!

    • Has everyone forgotten that the FDR used to have a 15th st exit?? It was closed by Con Ed after 9/11, I think without proper authorization from anyone. Therefore all the traffic exiting from 23rd has increased flow on 23rd and 20th and 14th streets.
      So thank you but no, 23rd street has enough traffic.

  2. Thank you, but 23rd Street has enough noise and traffic as it is. We are busy fighting off a proposed sanitation garage which will add 180 trucks each day. 23rd Street has ongoing construction as well.

    Judith A Penney


  3. Gamaliel Isaac:

    John Coleman’s own words: “Many people don’t accept my position that there is no significant man-made global warming because I am simply a Television Meteorologist without a Ph.D.,” he wrote on his blog earlier this year. “I understand that.”


    So this is your climate “expert”* ?

    * “John Coleman majored in journalism in the fifties at the University of Illinois. He has been employed as a broadcaster until his retirement. He was also CEO and President of the Weather Channel during its first year of operation.”

    So he has no real science background. Zilch.

    From the 10/14 Atlantic magazine::

    “As it turns out, the Weather Channel doesn’t agree. In a statement released Wednesday, the 32-year-old cable network asserted its belief that climate change is real—and that human activity is at least partly responsible.

    “More than a century’s worth of detailed climate observations shows a sharp increase in both carbon dioxide and temperature. These observations, together with computer model simulations and historical climate reconstructions from ice cores, ocean sediments and tree rings all provide strong evidence that the majority of the warming over the past century is a result of human activities.”

    As someone how has an extensive science back ground (Stuyvesant HS, science major in college-Syracuse-NYS Forestry-Resource Management) I am always amazed at the science deniers. BTW, the Pentagon has been war gaming the impact of climate change for years now:

    “The Pentagon’s strategic planners have for years viewed climate change as a “threat multiplier”– worsening old conflicts and potentially provoking new clashes over migration and shortages of food and water in the Middle East, Africa and Asia, and opening up new military challenges in a melting Arctic.”


    From the 11/5/15 NY Times:

    “More recently, Inside Climate News and The Los Angeles Times have reported that Exxon Mobil was well aware of the risks of climate change from its own scientific research, and used that research in its long-term planning for activities like drilling in the Arctic, even as it funded groups from the 1990s to the mid-2000s that denied serious climate risks.”


    Hey Gamalie, I have a couple of questions for you. Do you believe in evolution? How old is this planet and how old is the universe, as per the latest scientific findings? Inquiring minds want to know.

    • Re: Post by Mr. Edmund Dunn

      My God! I am not the only person who writes comments for T&V (both the published edition and the blogs) who has an understanding of the evaluation of phenomena via the use of the scientific method.

      I was so shocked by the comments which were alluded to in the “documentary” by weatherman John Coleman that before reading your comment, Mr. Dunn, I wrote a letter to the editor. If Ms. Mollot choses to run it next week, you will be able to read my full reaction.

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