Letters to the Editor, Nov. 26

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Scientists largely in agreement on climate

Re: “Climate researchers and false prophets,” letter by Gamaliel Isaac, T&V, Nov. 19

Firstly, the words “climate” and “weather” are not synonyms. The former refers to the world’s atmosphere over given periods of time; weather refers to temperature, precipitation, humidity, etc. in one specific area at a given time and attempts to predict the next few days.

Then there is science which we all have learned – but, usually a list of facts – with little emphasis on what “the scientific method” really means and its importance.

There is also the difference between the weathermen we see on TV (who are usually selected for on camera appearance and likability) and climatologists who are scientists.

John Coleman, whose documentary where he posits on the false assertions of climate change, is a weatherman (who worked on WCBS and WNBC and is now CEO of the Weather Channel). I am aware that about half of weathermen (and women) agree with Mr. Coleman.

But, 98 percent of climatologists and other scientists all agree with climate warming and its relationship since the industrial age as increasing amounts of carbon have been increased via humans’ use of fossil fuels. Which group has the background to achieve credibility?

Gamaliel Isaac, your allusion to the superstitious beliefs of the Xhosa in South Africa reminds me of the about ten persons hanged during the Salem witch trials. How one can compare the concerns of scientists to those of primitive groups – as you refer to the Xhosa tribe in Africa (or my example of the Puritans in Salem is beyond me).

If someone in the early 20th Century said that two small electronic units: one in the U.S. and the other in the U.K. could communicate without any wires, they would be thought to be crazy — but through the marvel of the scientific method, it can now be done.

CNN reported yesterday that each of the last six months successively have been recorded as the most warm since record keeping began. And, see Sunday’s NYT Magazine (11/15) on the continuing melting of the polar icecaps. And, science is nether liberal nor conservative.

David Chowes, PCV

Blackstone, keep Associated in Stuy Town

Town & Village reports that the Associated Supermarket may have to go within the next two years (“Blackstone to keep affordable supermarket,” T&V, Nov. 19).

As a Stuyvesant Town resident of over 20 years, I believe that Associated has served the residents well and that it should be encouraged to stay.

Norman, the manager, is always around; he is approachable and responsive to customers, to staff and to suppliers. The staff are friendly and competent. The shelves are clean, tidy and well stocked with merchandise we need, within their sell-buy dates, at affordable prices.

I urge Blackstone to commit to keeping the Associated Supermarket.

Steve Newman, ST

‘Entitled’ to affordability?

Congratulations to the “proud to be poor” crowd.

In March the mayor gave you a 15-year pass allowing market rate tenants to bear your load and now you have succeeded in keeping a low-end supermarket in the neighborhood.

Your quest for the “poor” and “entitled” is never-ending. I remember the good old days when folks had pride and dignity and carried their own weight.

Benita Therock

What would Police Officer Smith have done?

Re: “Local Week in Review” news item in T&V, Nov. 19

I was sad to read that the husband of Moira Smith, a 13th Precinct NYPD officer who was killed in the terrorist attacks of September 11, returned “The Woman of the Year” award that was given to her posthumously by Glamour magazine because that magazine gave the same award to Caitlyn Jenner.

I am sure his wife would disapprove of that gesture as she no doubt did not discriminate when she helped evacuate dozens of people from the World Trade Center.

Alain Montour, PCV

4 thoughts on “Letters to the Editor, Nov. 26

  1. I firmly agree with Benita Therock. No one is entitled to a rent stabilized apartment. Especially, when the RGB doesn’t do anything to enforce the rules of stabilization. Plenty of people in ST/PCV have rent stabilized units that are not their primary residence and/or they are over the income limits. I lived across the hall from an elderly couple in PCV for 5 years that had a house upstate that they paid well over 800K for (I looked it up) and had a rent stabilized unit that they visited maybe 6 times per year. They were very open about the fact that they didn’t live there. My husbands parents had a unit in ST for years that they used whenever they were in the city….they earned over $600K combined. There are too many people taking advantage of these lax rent laws and if the units were just released and became market rate units, there would be more supply and less demand so the cost of rent would probably decrease as a result. In any case, getting a cheap apartment isn’t anyone’s right regardless of their income.

    • Ahh Emma – we had to know there would be someone that agreed with “Benita Therock.” While I don’t disagree with you about some situations of people taking advantage of Rent Stabilization, for the most these are honest people that are only able to afford what RS gives to them.

      If you think that all of these RS tenants are taking advatange of the situation, you should look more closely at what happened on this property under Tishman Speyer and Fred Knapp. TS brought Knapp on board to rid the property of all of these illegal RS tenants. It failed miserably and caused TS to default.

      Do you know why that is? Because almost all (there will always be a few rule-breakers) RS tenants that live in PCVST within the parameters set forth by the law.

  2. The ignorance in this “Benita’s” letter is astounding. She repeats that old, tired, false premise that STPCV renovated apartment tenants subsidize STPCV long term tenants in non-renovated apartments. “Her” ignorance is explained by the fact that she obviously has never read Charles Bagli’s, “Other People’s Money. If she had read this book and done any on line STPCV research about “the demise of the greatest real estate deal ever”, “she” would know that ALL of us, those in non-renovated apartments, those in renovated apartments, finance Tishman Speyer‘s horrific $5.4 billion debt purchase that, as per the book, was around 95% of “Other People’s Money”. She is also ignorant of the fact that since ALL STPCV apartments, renovated and non-renovated, are currently under NYS RS law, even renovated apartments paying the outrageous “preferential” rate versus legal rate (due to apartment churning) are also impacted by the RGB percentage guidelines as well.

    • Re: Comment by Mr. Edmund Dunn

      Charles Bagli is the real estate reporter of the NYT. His book “Other People’s Money” clearly and comprehensively explicates what occurred. (It could have been called, ‘The Big Scam.’ Still in print.

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