Stuy Town sculptor will give art talk at Community Center

A sculpture made by Adrian Bryttan out of clay and covered in gold leaf

A sculpture made by Adrian Bryttan out of clay and covered in gold leaf

By Sabina Mollot

On Wednesday, December 16 at 3:30 p.m. Stuyvesant Town resident and sculptor Adrian Bryttan will be giving a presentation to neighbors about his gold leaf covered sculptures inspired by Scythian reliefs, and the process that goes into making them.

The talk will take place at the Stuyvesant Town Community Center, 449 East 14th street (First Ave. Loop and East 16th Street).

Bryttan, who makes his sculptures at home in his apartment (using Sculpy clay, his hands and just a couple of tools for fine details), will talk about Scythians and explain the design elements that go into the art.

One of the challenges, he noted, is turning the photos he works from for reference into three-dimensional pieces.

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Opinion: Cowards in Congress

By Former Assemblyman Steven Sanders

It’s not as if they are stupid. It’s not as if they do not read the newspapers. But a significant number of powerful members of Congress have proven to be utterly unresponsive and impotent in the face of the gun carnage going on in American cities almost every week. Worse than that, they are craven.

They proved it again last week.

Repeated mass murders are being committed by deranged individuals with military grade assault weapons.

They are perpetrating these atrocities out of some twisted ideology, warped personal grudges, or delusions. And our leaders of Congress are nowhere to be found. They are AWOL. They denounce the criminals, pray for the victims and walk away. Then it’s back to business as usual, which means bowing to the self-serving gun lobby and its supporters who are making a fortune from the sale of firearms.

Last week more than a dozen innocent bystanders were gunned down in a San Bernadino office building for the disabled. They were male, female, black, white, Asian and Hispanic. Hundreds of bullets fired into a crowd in a matter of seconds do not discriminate. The week before, three persons were shot to death in a Planned Parenthood facility in Colorado. These massacres are accomplished with easily and legally bought high powered assault weapons, again and again!

And if there are evildoers coming into this country with the intent of committing murder and mayhem, why would we not want to prevent them from accessing the means to carry out these despicable acts of violence?

In the face of that question, the United States Senate just days ago voted down a proposed ban on the sale of weapons to persons on the FBI terrorist watch list. The NRA is cheering that action while more families are burying their dead.

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