Stuy Town sculptor will give art talk at Community Center

A sculpture made by Adrian Bryttan out of clay and covered in gold leaf

A sculpture made by Adrian Bryttan out of clay and covered in gold leaf

By Sabina Mollot

On Wednesday, December 16 at 3:30 p.m. Stuyvesant Town resident and sculptor Adrian Bryttan will be giving a presentation to neighbors about his gold leaf covered sculptures inspired by Scythian reliefs, and the process that goes into making them.

The talk will take place at the Stuyvesant Town Community Center, 449 East 14th street (First Ave. Loop and East 16th Street).

Bryttan, who makes his sculptures at home in his apartment (using Sculpy clay, his hands and just a couple of tools for fine details), will talk about Scythians and explain the design elements that go into the art.

One of the challenges, he noted, is turning the photos he works from for reference into three-dimensional pieces.

“I have to imagine where the musculature pops out or where hindquarters pop out,” he said.

Then, after a piece is finished to his liking, the clay is baked in the oven where it hardens, and then later is covered in gold leaf and a dark patina in the creases to really make the gold color pop.

An opera conductor and solo violinist by profession, Bryttan got into sculpting two years ago after being inspired by the intricacies of Scythian art at a Ukrainian museum. This is when he was working as a Fulbright Scholar and was working in the Ukraine with symphonies and opera companies.

The Scythian nomads lived in the southern territories of Ukraine around the Black Sea starting in the 6th century BC. Huge burial mounds are still being explored to reveal incredible works of decorative art.

“Many of the designs that inspired me were originally the size of a brooch; I have modified them and also expanded the size to create mounted wall art hangings,” Bryttan said.

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