Letters to the Editor, Dec. 17

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Affordability has been paid into by residents

Re: Letter, “’Entitled’ to affordability?”, T&V Nov. 26

I hope that the comments that I made on a Blackstone survey might keep Associated, an affordable and well-run supermarket, in our community. This would save the jobs of its many employees and prevent them from being among the “proud-to-be poor” that Benita Therock described in her letter.

In her letter, Therock also bitterly and benightedly refers to ST-PCV rent-stabilized tenants as being “proud to be poor.” She claimed that we “lack the pride and dignity to carry our own weight.”

I suspect that most stabilized tenants are like me. We came to ST-PCV as young couples and young singles with careers decades ago. We have carried our weight as residents of this community. We worked, paid our taxes, voted, raised families, participated in a variety of ST-PCV events, donated and volunteered at local schools, religious institutions, and at community-based charities. We spent our weekends cheering on our kids at Little League and soccer games, just like other Americans across this country.

Some of us long-time residents have gown older. We retired, and despite our savings, our money doesn’t go quite as far as before. But through rent-stabilization, we are fortunate to be residents in the ST-PCV community and in New York, the city that we’ve worked for, lived in and loved. This is home.

Name withheld, ST

The case for Associated supermarket

It should be more than just about the money.

Years ago when it was announced that Associated was moving from the other side of First Avenue to the vacant store front in Stuyvesant Town between First and Avenue A, I was dubious. How were they ever going to handle deliveries without making access along the sidewalk impassable?

Well, they managed to figure that out and more.

Associated has always been customer-centric. They address problems with a smile and without argument. The prices are reasonable and the quality excellent. When the card store closed, Associated took over the space, providing an expansion that continues to offer produce that is fresh and reasonably priced (and often cheaper than the greenmarket). We have gotten to know many of the cashiers and store clerks over the years. They have had steady, flexible jobs that have allowed them to raise families, finish high school and for some, attend college.

Associated has become part of our neighborhood family and it would be a crime for our soon-to-be new landlord not to bend over backwards to make sure they continue to serve our community. Because that is what living here is supposed to be about: community!

Lynne Hayden-Findlay, ST

Replacing fear, anxiety with The Golden Rule

The season of Chanukah and Christmas have come to us this year following a tragedy in Paris and the recent shooting by terrorists of innocent fellow workers by a husband and wife inspired by the radical Islam of ISIS.  After these events, how do we respond to the dire plight of refugees desperately hoping to escape the terrorists in their own countries? In seeking an answer for myself, the Golden Rule came to mind. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

I felt a need to refresh my memory about where this thought came from and who were its advocates, so I went to my computer’s search engine and typed in “The Golden Rule,” hoping for an answer.

There were several listings to choose from, but I found “Versions of the Golden Rule in 21 world religions” the best one to answer my questions, but, most importantly, the short video “The Golden Rule” by Humanity Healing Network was healing my own anxieties about the world crisis and how to respond.

I hope that in sharing it with my friends and neighbors it will remind us as we enter 2016 that with the hope of living the Golden Rule ourselves and learning about it in other traditions, we can bring peace within ourselves and continue to work for it in our world, our common and only home.

Joy Garland, ST

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  1. Re: Comment by Ms. Joy Garland

    I agree. But I would add both the magnitude and frequency of given threats. E.g., since 9/11
    probably in excess of many thousands have been killed by gun violence in this nation as about 30 have been murdered by ISIS and related terror groups.


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