Letters to the Editor, Dec. 24

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

‘New system’ for plumbing service stinks!

Re: Story, “Garodnick: Stuy Town plumbing service has gone down the toilet,” T&V, Dec. 17

The reduction of our plumbing service is just the latest, most blatant example of what CompassRock (CWCapital) has been getting away with during the past few years in order to enrich themselves further. I say it is the most blatant because so many residents feel the effects as soon as there is a problem which is typically several times a year, while other service cuts including in pest control and security may be less obvious but nevertheless still noticed by many.

I currently have a problem with my bathroom sink being completely clogged, and therefore unusable. When I called management services to arrange an appointment I was very disturbed when they told me the earliest appointment they could arrange for me was in three weeks! When I replied that this is something that used to be resolved in a few days, they responded that they now have a new system. They wouldn’t explain their “new system,” but it obviously meant saving more money by cutting our services even more. I did call the Blackstone hotline at (221) 655-9870 to report it and was told that they have been flooded with similar complaints.

I guess it’s not enough that CW is receiving over a half billion dollar windfall from the upcoming sale but obviously they feel they need to squeeze out a few thousand dollars more at the expense of their tenants.

At least when the sale is completed we can likely expect CompassRock to depart, and I’m sure I express the sentiment of many tenants when I say to them “Goodbye, and good riddance!”

Ed Lee, ST

It’s called Peter Cooper, not chopped liver

As a long-time resident of Peter Cooper Village, I strongly object to the recent use of the acronym “STUYTOWN” to attempt to cover both Stuyvesant Town and PCV. Since their separate developments the two communities have always had separate identities, and when asked where I live, I reply “Peter Cooper Village,” not “Stuyvesant Town” or “Stuytown.” My neighbors do the same. The very name of this newspaper, i.e. “Town & Village,” recognizes this separateness. Likewise, our Tenants Association covers both ST and PCV in its title.

The welcome signs on our paths in PCV have “STUYTOWN” in very large letters, and at the extreme bottom in tiny letters have the names of both communities. This is a feeble and unsuccessful try to keep both places in the picture.

I sincerely hope that our new owners will correct this situation.

For an acronym, how about “STUYPCV” (just a suggestion).  As we all know, a Town is not a Village, and vice versa!

Name withheld, PCV

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  1. Re: Letter, “It’s called PCV…” by “Anonymous”

    This was done to seemingly combine both developments by using one name “STUYTOWN.” My hypothesis is that since PCV is the better and more prestigious of the two, now management by simply using the one name and will be able to give potential renters the impression that the actual ST is just part of one newly named one group of units.

    What do people other than PCV/ST residents know? Probably nothing.

    We all know that the management du jour is having serious problems in getting new people to move in. Just look at the insert in your rent invoices.

    • Stuyvesant Town should be called Stytown. If you saw the state of our buildings, especially the recycling rooms and laundry rooms, you would know why. It’s not because the porters don’t work hard, but because the people who move in these days are filthy, illiterate slobs. I say “illiterate” because it’s clear that they cannot read.

  2. Re: Letter, “It’s called PCV…” by “Anonymous”

    I, too, disagree with the moniker Stuytown, but it’s an abbreviation, not an acronym.

    Peter Cooper Village is traditionally the classier, (now) less student-overrun section and I’d love to keep it that way.

  3. I a dumped Draino and Liquid Plumber down my drains. They help a little, but not much. You have to wear goggles for protection from the splashback. In really dire cases, it would probably be better to call HPD and/or hire a real plumber and deduct the cost from the rent bill.

    CW and Compass Rock are crooks who have used money that should be spent on tenants’ safety, maintenance, etc., to line their own pockets. How they have managed to get away with this is clearly because they are under the protection of the REBNY-loving politicians who probably get kickbacks. That is the New York way, unfortunately.

    • Drano Max Gel works great. As soon as your drain starts getting slow, pour a half bottle down, wait 20-30 minutes, then flush with hot water.

      The old Draino, etc, was pretty ineffective. Get the new stuff. Haven’t tried other brands, as DMG has always worked for me. We have not called in a plumber in over 10 years.

      • I was told that management doesn’t like us to use stuff like that because it corrodes the pipes, but what do they expect us to do? They think we can live with backed-up raw sewage in our bathtubs. I kid you not, the effluence that comes up the bathtub drain from other apartments is the stuff of nightmares. I think when they renovate apartments they screw up royally. Maybe it’s because they don’t use real, professionally trained plumbers. All I know is that if you live on the same line or the next-door line of a newly renovated apartment then your plumbing is shot to hell.

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