ST/PCV gets new general manager

Rich Hayduk

Rick Hayduk

By Sabina Mollot

On Wednesday, Blackstone announced that it will be forming a new management company to run Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village and that they’ve chosen a new general manager, Rick Hayduk.

Hayduk, who’ll be moving with his family to the complex, started on January 1. However, the new company won’t take over from CompassRock until a transitional period ends. Blackstone hasn’t yet elaborated on the new management entity.

Hayduk has over 30 years of property management and hospitality experience, Blackstone said, and previously worked at the 350-acre Boca Raton Resort & Club as the property’s president. Prior to that he was regional managing director of South Seas Island Resort and the Inns of Sanibel, where he worked with over 20 home owners associations and residents of the resort village and neighboring condominiums. He’s been working with Blackstone properties for almost a decade.

“We are confident he is the right person for this role,” said Nadeem Meghji, senior managing director at Blackstone. Meghji added that Hayduk is “someone we know well and trust.”

Residents will get a chance to meet Hayduk at a meet-and-greet on Saturday, January 9 at 10 a.m. at the tented basketball court at Playground 11 in Stuyvesant Town. Additional meet-and-greet events will be on Tuesday, January 12 at the community center, 449 East 14th Street at 2 and 3 p.m. (RSVP required for both by calling (212) 598-5297 or emailing and on January 14 at 6:30 p.m. at the tented basketball court.

Hayduk wasn’t available for comment by Town & Village’s press time, but issued a prepared statement saying he was looking forward to living in the community.

“Over the years of serving guests, residents and associates, I have seen time and time again how personally engaging customers and residents directly is the best approach in property management,” Hayduk said. “Management must be a part of the community in order to understand the needs of its residents. “My wife Carol, our two daughters and I are excited to join the PCVST community and we look forward to getting to know our neighbors and fellow tenants as well as enjoying the green spaces the community is so well known for.”

Hayduk will be the first general manager to live on the property since the Met Life era.

11 thoughts on “ST/PCV gets new general manager

    • Only 5? That would be a gift. You have to take into consideration all their boyfriends, girlfriends, bffs, bfffs, casual flops who are friends of friends of friends. The dorm units can have up to (or more) than 10 bodies stomping around, puking in the halls, pissing and shitting in the stairwells and all in one night. I most sincerely hope that our new manager gets a taste of this “high standard quality of life” that has been inflicted upon us since the cretinous Speyer creature and his pals acquired and abandoned the property.

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  3. He ran a resort. I hope he realizes he’s going to be running a residential property, not a resort. We don’t need circuses, concerts and manboys slapping hockey pucks at the wall of the circus tent/courts. You can hear those cherry bombs when you are up on the 12th floor of any building in the Oval. We’ve had ENOUGH of the property being turned into a bread and circuses disaster while, at the same time, we can’t get a damned plumber when we are paddling in our own sh…! Get the picture, Rick?

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  5. I, too, hope the new management isn’t going to run the property like a resort. We live in the most energetic city in the entire world and it used to be such a joy to live in PCVST and have a peaceful, tree-filled oasis to come home to. It was trashed by Tishman Speyer and subsequent managers just continued to degrade it more and more. Let’s hope things will get better now. One can always hope.

  6. It seems like he only worked in warm climates in rich areas. – he doesn’t know from insufficient heat at night, and apartments like mine that are always drafty and cold all winter because I face First Avenue and not surrounded by any buildings. I wonder if he will have to pay $24.00 for a bulb for the stove – when they sell for $2.99 at the bulb store on 3rd Ave. will he live on a dormitory floor with two dogs above, or will be live in an apartment saved for executives . I wonder why he decided to live here. I’m sure there is a good reason . Maybe he doesn’t like the public schools, so he will be sending his daughters to private school, which is very expensive – i did it, so I know what my daughters education cost from K-12. Good luck in your new position !

  7. I believe Mr. Hayduk is truly trying to make a difference in our community. Let’s give him a chance. He is reigning in the dogs which is a good thing. I have one myself, but we need to keep it contained and safe. He is sensitive to neighbors not being neighborly Also concerned about rent increases. Sounds smells etc, I think he truly appreciates the history of our community and is focused on keeping it alive. We have been tossed around for so long, let’s see what this man can do.I have total faith.

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