Letters to the Editor, Jan. 14

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

The business of politics

After the T&V editorial on the SBJSA ran last week in the print edition, many offered negative comments online about New York City Council Member Dan Garodnick.

I met him for the first time many years ago when he first ran. He was friendly and seemed quite intelligent and won.

But Mr. Garodnick does need money each time he runs – as do all politicians. He may have first been elected as an idealist. But, now he lives in the real world of politics. Often people in his position morph into self-serving pols who run on helping the regular folks and end up accepting money from people in the real estate industry. Remember that power corrupts and the more one gets the greater corruption.

I gave quite moderate contributions to Obama and Sanders – so modest, that when and if they were or are elected, they owe me nothing. But, certain industries via lobbyists don’t care about the idealism or lack of it when they support a pol. All they desire is to be able to have access and call them directly or via a surrogate to suggest legislation which is in their financial interests.

This is my hypothesis about the insulting comments concerning Dan on the T&V Blog. And, if true it represents just a microcosm of what continues to occur in this city’s apartment and business rents – higher and higher. This also is happening in most areas of this nation.

If you have TWC they are running an important documentary on NY1’s Ch. 1020: “The Vanishing City.” This represents a comprehensive and honest explanation of what’s going down and affecting all of us. See it!

David Chowes, PCV

And what have you done for our city?

Re: Letter, “’Entitled’ to affordability?”, T&V, Nov. 26.

Those of us who lived here during the 70s and 80s when everyone was fleeing New York City, stayed through robberies, rapes, assaults and even a home invasion in Stuy Town. (Check with our precinct.)

We kept the museums, churches and libraries open and the schools decent, and we helped bring back N.Y.C.

Now that we are retired and living on fixed incomes, we are entitled, to a thank you at least.

Liz Latimer, ST

7 thoughts on “Letters to the Editor, Jan. 14

  1. Re: My letter, “The Business of Politics” (See above.) Full disclosure.

    A number of months ago I wrote an email to City Council Member Dan Garodnick as I praised him and I asked him which Democratic candidate he was supporting during the primary season.

    Then after reading the blog comments concerning “SBJSA,” I began to investigate his record and wrote this letter to T&V about two weeks ago. About three days ago, Mr. Garodnick finally responded to me via email and thanking me.

    If my comment which was published this week seems to be hypocritical, it is simply the result of obtaining more complete information and having one’s assessment evolve accordingly.

    Being credible is a most important asset to have. Hence, this reply.

    • Did he explain to you why he has not supported SBJSA? If so, why not share it with us?

      I think I speak for a lot of us when I say the two word answers are crap, and will not cut it anymore. Are we supposed to feel better because you received a response?

      If my math serves me right, he received about $200k out of $1mil for his third (and illegal) term from RE. Would he have lost if he rejected the $200k from sleazy REBNY that goes against everything PCVST stands for? Absolutely not.

      Please stop buying into his hoopla and do your own research. It’s all out there.

      • Re: Post by “Gregory”

        If you review my original comment in T&V (print edition) you will find that my original enamel to Mr. Garadonick was sent many weeks ago — far before “SBJSA” was in the news — at least as far as I was concerned. So, a few days ago, when he returned my original email to me — it was irrelevant.

  2. I used to like Dan Garodnick and even voted for him when he ran for a third term, though I was rather disappointed that he ran for a third term after voting against the Quinnberg proposal for overturning term limits in order to enable Bloomberg to buy an illegal third term. However, I have serious doubts abut Dan at this point. I can’t help but wonder why he ceded to Stringer’s desire to run for Comptroller when he wanted to run for that office himself. What was the quid pro quo there? I would have voted for Dan to be the Comptroller, but I wouldn’t vote for Stringer for anything. I ended up voting for Spitzer.
    What Dan doesn’t seem to realize is that the voting citizens of New York hate, detest, despise and loathe the REBNY. We hate them with a passion and for good reason. Politicians who are bought, bribed and influenced by the REBNY are not the kind of people we feel inclined to vote for. I speak for myself, of course, but I know of many, many people who feel the same way.
    Sorry, Dan, but you blew it.

    • I like Hoylman. I think he’s a good guy. He earns his keep and treats his constituents with respect and cares about them.

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