Andrett Funeral Home leaves Gramercy for West Village

Andrett’s new home on Bleecker Street (Photo by Maria Rocha-Buschel)

Andrett’s new home on Bleecker Street (Photo by Maria Rocha-Buschel)

By Maria Rocha-Buschel

After more than 60 years a block away from Stuyvesant Town, Andrett Funeral Home has relocated to another space on Bleecker Street that has been operating as a funeral home since 1925.

New owner Peter DeLuca, who has been running Greenwich Village Funeral Home and the Beth Abraham Memorial Chapel at the Bleecker Street address for about 40 years, took over operations for Andrett in mid-December and said that the business is still essentially the same as before, apart from the location. In addition to the business name, the phone number and website are the same as well.

DeLuca emphasized that he also wants to maintain connections with the community despite being farther away and some of the deep ties with the neighborhood lie in the thousands of pages of historical records that DeLuca said that the previous owners meticulously kept.

“I had to get a moving van just for those and we brought it all here,” he said. “They kept everything in perfect order. There are 62 years of records and service to that community.”

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Pooch population in ST/PCV now 1,200

Stuy Town canine Callie, owned by Bill Oddo

Stuy Town canine Callie, owned by Bill Oddo

By Sabina Mollot

The last time the owner of Stuyvesant Town deigned to provide the number of dogs that were living in the community was in 2012, when CWCapital revealed to Town & Village that it was close to 1,100.

At the time, T&V noted that the figure was likely to grow since management had just begun to crack down on unregistered pooches at that time.

And grow it did, with the population of pooches now at 1,200, according to Blackstone’s data.

Meanwhile, since announcing its takeover of ST/PCV, new owners Blackstone and Ivanhoe Cambridge have steadily been approached by tenants on numerous dog-related issues from lack of rule enforcement to the lack of an onsite dog run.

On Saturday, at a meet-and-greet event for tenants and the new general manager Rick Hayduk, one resident wearing an “I (Bone) NY” sweatshirt said she planned to put in a request for a dog run. (The shirt was a freebie at an event for dogs and their owners that was held in Stuyvesant Town last May, with other freebies including Stuy Town logo-covered dog poop bags.)

The resident, malti-poo owner Belinda Medina, said she’d even be satisfied with a dog run that’s open part-time and suggested using one of the property’s lesser used playgrounds.

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